Whatsapp Users Filter Software

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Filter whatsapp users mobileblaster

Supports Channel account filtering

Users can log in to WhatsApp by scanning standard Whatsapp QR codes and scan in more Whatsapp account for better filtering speed.

Our advantage

Other Whatsapp Users Filter software require Whatsapp hash channels numbers and use the hash channel number permission to screen, and the price is extremely expensive. Our Whatsapp Filter  software only require any WhatsApp account to scan the QR code and start filtering right away.

You can choose the Report Format

The filtered numbers can be exported as .csv file format.

Free trial available after download

The software supports free trial. After downloading the software and install with your google account, feel free to try out our Whatsapp users filter.
You can contact our customer support staff to upgrade if you are ready to filter millions of numbers.

Generate Numbers

Generate your sequence of mobile phone numbers, according to country code, area code, random number or from any active number.

You may filter out WhatsApp avatars. You may filter the numbers registered with whatsApp, and avatars. Generally, WhatsApp numbers with avatars are active or has logged in within the past few days.

Can get WhatsApp About content

You can get WhatsApp About content and get WhatsApp About language. According to WhatsApp About content and language, judge the specific country where the users’ behaviour.


擅长WhatsApp全球精准数据采集,团队原生开发WhatsApp快筛(WhatsApp filter):全球任意地区WhatsApp号码精准过滤,WhatsApp高级筛选(WhatsApp LastSeen):全球任意地区WhatsApp号码过滤、性别筛选,年龄筛选,WhatsApp bulk(WhatsApp协议群发),全球5w+客戶在使用我們的系統

WhatsApp 初级筛选:轻松筛选全球 WhatsApp 账号的有效性。无需逐一验证,一键筛选出真实有效的账号,节省您宝贵的时间和精力。

WhatsApp 高级筛选:提供一键筛选全球号码是否启用的功能。您可以快速排除未启用 WhatsApp 的号码,确保您的推广信息准确到达目标用户。

WhatsApp 终极筛选:准确判断 WhatsApp 账号的活跃状态。通过此软件,您可以一键筛选出活跃度高、使用频率高的用户,从而实现更高效的推广和沟通。

无论您是拓展市场、推广产品,还是与客户保持良好互动,WhatsApp 筛选软件都是您的正确选择。您的营销方案将更加精准高效,让您轻松打造卓越品牌形象。

快来体验我们的 WhatsApp 筛选软件吧!我们承诺为您提供稳定可靠的服务,确保您的数据安全和隐私保护。让您的推广之旅更加顺畅!

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