Whatsapp Notifications in the Medical Field

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 leading to the endemic era in 2022, the medical field has changed tremendously. The use of digital platforms and services for medical purposes has been elevated to new levels so much, that it would be difficult to imagine how communication is possible without them.

Moving with the times

Whether you are operating a health or medical center, a clinic or a pharmacy, the use Whatsapp messaging will benefit your operations greatly. This is because, with Whatsapp, you can now reach your patients faster and more efficiently and vice-versa. At DIRWhatsapp, we have collaborated with health service providers to improve their operations and management. Over the years, we have worked with companies in all major areas including oil and gas, marketing, logistics, events and others by providing Whatsapp services to better connect with customers.

The medical field today has changed tremendously and real-time information and notification play an extremely crucial role that can save lives. COVID-19 has brought about a new sense of urgency to ensure timely information is sent and received. With DIRWhatsapp, we are more than equipped to help you reach your goals.

Using Whatsapp services in medical

When it comes to real-time communication, no other segment comes close to medical in terms of importance and significance. We believe that time is of the essence and as such, you can now use our Whatsapp Messaging system to better relay crucial information to your patients. This includes:

  • Appointments – This includes appointments to meet with the doctor, physician, physiotherapy sessions, treatment sessions and others. Patients can sometimes forget when their next appointment is as they might be lethargic or fatigued from medication. Besides that, appointment notifications can also be used by dentists, veterinaries, vaccination schedules and other specializations.
  • Medication – Messages can be sent to patients to remind them of when they are supposed to take their medications. Notifications can also be sent to inform them when they need to restock their medicine.
  • Check-ups – This feature would be extremely useful for the elderly to remind them about their next check-up whether it is at a facility or on their own at home for standard procedures like blood pressure, cholesterol and such.
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