The Most Effective Whatsapp Marketing tools in Australia

Why use us?

It is no surprise that something as simple as a message can be your most creative way to reach new and current customers for your business. Among what you get in Whatsapp Mobile Marketing includes:

No more characters limitation!

The old SMS gives you only 160 characters in a message. With Whatsapp you can go to 950 characters, no problem!

Rich Media

Richer contents as you can attach media like images, videos, YouTube links, and even documents

Free Viral Marketing in Australia

No additional cost incurred when you do viral sharing

Delivery report

No more guessing whether we have done the jobs as per request!

Best Price, Best result

We don’t just deliver, we optimise your campaign by delivering what your customers want. Tired of too many restrictions and hefty cost in FB marketing? Don’t worry, no boundaries set here.

World-class Support

Not only in Australia, we provide Real-time updates and support, we are available 24/7 in Skype and Whatsapp

Select your Target Market

We work with various parties to provide you the precise targeted market.


The latest innovative platform for all your digital marketing campaigns, promotions and reach out to your targeted audiences.

Whatsapp Mobile Marketing would undoubtedly be your first choice to launch effective campaigns with a mass reach. This would surely be your winning solution when it comes to such activities. Do you know why? Let us work with you and we will be more than happy to be of assistance. Call us today!

Post-purchase to repeat purchase

Right, now that you have succeed in closing the deal, does this mean the transaction is over? Like any other business transaction, you need to continue to build on this. Now that you customer has bought something from you or established contact through Whatsapp, let them remember how convenient it was.This will surely lead you to repeat purchases in the future. Don’t lose sight of your customers just because they completed a transaction with you. Remind them of who and what you are.

The ROI is Tremendous for Mobile Marketing

Whatsapp Contest

It is no surprise that something as simple as a message can be your most creative way to reach new and current customers for your business.

Compliment and be grateful

A follow-up message will do your business a world of good. Your customers would be more than happy to feel appreciated. It is human nature. Send a message or a note to thank them and compliment them for being such great customers. If you can, give them a discount or a promo-code for their last purchase and they will be more than happy to come back again.

Give your customers reasons to come back

Whatsapp marketing can be scheduled and they are very low-cost. If a customer bought something from you through a Whatsapp message, chances are they have no problems coming back again. So, the equation is simple. Once your customer completes a purchase, schedule a follow-up in a week or two. They will come back for more. Sending the message out is simple, you just need to get the right message to the right people.

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a group of digital experts with many years of track record in the global market. We specialize in providing digital solutions, mainly in Whatsapp messaging. This helps our clients to use this revolutionary platform to reach their potential target market as well as their current ones using strategic plans that utilize sound, images and other media.

How we can help you?

Mobile App API

Subscription Based
Monthly Subscription
  • Private Mobile Number
  • Coverage - International
  • Unlimited Keywords Subscription
  • 24/7 Operational Hours
  • Suitable for any business with high traffic users, educational institutions, reputable brands, offline or online(high traffic websites, restaurants, convenience store, clubs, train station, billboards, etc.

Mobile App API

Credit Based
Price depends on volume Pay Per credit
  • One Way Marketing
  • Coverage - International
  • Local Sender id
  • 24/7 Operational Hours
  • Suitable for property developers, gov agencies, insurance agencies, etc. Applications: Contests, reminder, public alert, etc.​
  • Credits will not expire

We take our services very seriously and regard ourselves as your partners.

As such, we will stand with you throughout your entire campaign. This starts from the ideation stage where we help you to conceptualize and come up with cutting-edge ideas. No idea is weak for us and we will build on every idea you have. From there, we will inject our expertise into the relevant areas. This include offering our experience and services where applicable. We do all this while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. We will hear you out and then work on it. After that, we would like you to hear us out. We will do our best to give you the best solution to your queries and we dare say that, you will not regret it!

Used by more than 3000 clients worldwide

-Group your customers and Re-target or Cross-sell to them

– Set Auto reply keywords

– Assign agents and login concurrently from anywhere

– Use your own number and use your Whatsapp on your phone synchronously

– Manage all contacts from different mobile phones and chat history in one centralised location 

– Manage Whatsapp Shop & Add products

– Multiple Login Locations(cloud based)

– Download Chat Reports

– Send image/Video with long caption
(950 characters)

– Programmable welcome message and automated reply message
with image attachment

– Chatbot Builder

– Customers’ Labelling and Grouping

– API Enabled

– Desktop Notifications Set

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What We Do​

Dedicated and Reliable Team

We have a team of highly passionate people who bring with them years of experience that will help your business grow. This is done not through hard and blind selling but with carefully planned and effectively executed plans that will work wonders for you. What we bring to the table is not only the best practices we have learnt in the past but the aim of helping you build highly successful and impactful campaigns for your brands.
We strive to ensure that your events are planned and carried out using the most radical and yet effective ideas. We adopt a professional approach in our services for you, putting your ideas in practical platforms so that your creativity and innovation can surge.

At ComAu, we tell your stories in the best way possible and put your events out there in the market. Among what we do best include digital marketing, thematic events, MICE and revolutionary product launches, to name a few. With ComAu, you have a partner who will not only help you create a successful event but one which produces great results too.

What do we offer?

Out of Home Advertising

One of the most revolutionary media today, OOH covers a broad range of audience today. This includes public furniture like bus stops and train stations as well as billboards across highways

Mobile Marketing

We are among the earliest adopters of Whatsapp mobile advertising in the region. We will work with you to derive the best plan when you venture into the digital world of mobile advertising. Whether it is through social media or mobile, we have the expertise and the knowledge to get you there.

Web 3.0

We are a new age advertising platform. We provide inventory of affordable rates for media spaces across all platforms. Whether you are a brand owner, an advertising agency, a sole proprietorship company or an MNC, we are ready to offer you available spaces at below-market prices. Your marketing campaign can be involved in conventional or social media.

Out of Home Advertising

As long as there are spaces for advertising, we are there. But what makes us different? We are the ones who ‘hunt’ cheaper spaces for you. We are aware that booking deadlines are crucial to media owners. As the date draw closer to the deadline, there might be some unsold inventory among the media owners. This means they can then offer up those spaces at lower prices. These greatly reduced prices will then benefit us which we can then offer to you.

This is our role. We will keep you in the know about what is currently on offer and if they are suitable for your campaign. In other words, you can now pay less but enjoy more. After all, we will advise you on which media would be best suited for your needs and how they can work out the best in your efforts. Our team of media experts and planners will help to derive the best plan for your campaign. Basically, you get the most exposure for a fraction of the cost.


CRM + Marketing

This is the latest and most affordable CRM in the market. AI will be here to stay and your company will be at the forefront if you are one of the first to get onboard this cutting-edge customer service ecosystem.

What our clients say

Tarani Chaidipasek (The White Bar, Bangkok)

Our board has been pestering us to reduce expenditure and operational costs. Working with you guys not only allowed us to do that but gave us new options in advertising as well. Kudos to the team for wanting to help us and learning about what we are after before advising us. We have achieved so much in our campaigns ever since. This is a great platform that not only helps us enjoy savings but gives us new earnings as well

Jane Chung (Pelican Global)

We have used some of the top advertising agencies in the world but none of them could give us savings like this. The end-result is the same and we pay so much less

Michael Driscow (Protone Music Enterprise)

Thank you for helping us design our marketing plan. While we are looking for bargains, we are now able to make forecasts better and less wastage on your marketing budget

Clients' Case Studies

Let's push the boundaries of Digital together. Hello's a good way to start.



Transforming stories seamlessly from ink to screen

Translating Print Into Web

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, consumers are reading more than ever, processing thousands of words via text, social media, email… basically everything, except print. This means print publishers need to go digital and compete for attention to stay relevant, amidst an ever-growing influx of content being churned out. With Australian’s Child, our challenge was to come up with a beautiful, responsive design optimised for readability, while still reflecting the brand’s print origins.

As a monthly magazine for today’s busy parents, content is the heart of Australian‘s Child. Keeping in mind the user experience, we intentionally designed the site with a focus on readability to ensure a seamless transition of stories from ink to pixels.


With most parents reading articles on-the-go, quotes designed to stand out visually makes it easier for readers to get the big idea with a glance.

Photo Gallery

Beautiful pictures are the heart of visual stories. With photo galleries that adapt responsively to the screen size, viewers can enjoy them in pixel perfection.


Lists are a great way to feed bite-sized information to readers, allowing them to skim through and get the information they need easily.

Typography and Readibility

From the choice of the font to the line spacing, every detail was studied. The goal was to make digital reading pleasurable for the audience. Whitespace was intentionally introduced to make it easier to focus on the content at hand, while carefully considered line spacing reduced excessive movement of the eyes, keeping readers in the flow.

Responsive Design

Keeping in mind the habits of today’s parents, we tested the site rigorously to ensure that it is accessible and optimised for various smaller devices.

Shaping The Brand

As we worked on this project, we learnt a lot about bringing the print experience to the digital realm. From understanding the needs of the audience to intentionally designing delightful, little cues, the end product of this project is something that we’re proud of — a complementary web, print and mobile experience that not only looks but reads beautifully.

Case Study


Building meaningful connections through relatable and authentic storytelling



Embracing a Mobile-First approach to Design

Traditionally, Websites are designed for Desktops first before being scaled down for Mobile Devices.

With the majority (80%) of all Web Traffic now coming from Mobile Devices, we challenged the status quo by adopting a Mobile-First approach to design. Besides, it always proves more natural to scale up an experience than to numb one down. It’s obvious then that Mobile-First will play a significant role in the future of Design.

The Community First Website was intentionally designed to be Responsive in nature – as the Browser shrinks, the design adapts accordingly to accommodate the smaller Display in real-time.

This ensured that the Website didn’t have to function as a separate Mobile site altogether, thereby halving the effort required to maintain a content-heavy Website. Community First is a truly immersive Storytelling experience that snugly fits into your palm of your hand.

Every Medium. Considered.

Good stories are told in many forms


In crafting up a truly immersive experience, the Community First Website was designed to cater for the use of full width video backgrounds. By utilising Content Delivery Networks like Amazon S3, rich media is used to enhance the overall experience.


Photos are presented in various display formats to better complement and enhance the storytelling experience. Easily implementable full-width Background Images, Carousels and Galleries, taking their stories to the next level.


Typography for long-form Articles are designed to adhere to a ’75 character per line’ rule. This makes reading easier on the eyes by introducing whitespace that effectively reduces the need for excessive eye movement between each line of text.

Reads Beautifully

Behind every page turner lies meticulously considered Typography

By narrowing the page margins, we were able to better guide a Reader’s eyes down a more linear, less horizontal path. This provides for a more natural reading experience, thereby enabling the design to disappear and the content to take centerstage – hence unlocking the sweet spot where true immersion occurs.

Intelligent. By Design.

An excellent Website is one that’s aesthetically pleasing and yet able to live up to the functional demands that are required of it.

The Future is Social

It’s no longer a one-way street when it comes to communication. Social Media opens up a myriad of possibilities for brands to better connect and engage with their audiences. Social Share buttons are ‘stickied’ to the right of an Article to greatly increase the visibility of these buttons regardless of a User’s scroll position. In embracing this, POSB was able to achieve higher Clickthrough Rates resulting in more shares per article.

Case Study


Visualising a clearer customer journey to increase conversion

Interactive. Immersive.

Embracing a Mobile-First approach to Design

E-commerce sites are taking over physical stores, as consumers are increasingly taking their shopping online. With e-commerce sales expected to grow to 70% on mobile by 2021, sites now have to be responsive design-wise, while providing a consistent experience as users jump between screens. When OClear came to us, their vision was simple: to breakaway from traditional storefronts, and put choices back into the hands of their consumers.

Traditionally, getting a new pair of eyewear means heading down to a store to find the right frame that would sit perfectly on your head. But interested buyers won’t be able to feel the frames in person before purchasing, so their decision process would be influenced by their experience of the site. We had to consider the sales process and integrate their offline store seamlessly with the online one, while optimising for conversion. Our solution: a responsive end-to-end e-commerce site focused on the customer experience, with meaningful interactive elements weaved in between.

Designing with Depth

OClear believes in embracing individuality, so we took a cue from that and crafted a unique, interactive visual experience that gives users control over how they view the site. Whether they view the products in a grid or linear format, we’ve made sure their user experience will stay constant — even if they view it from different devices.

Every Brand Has A Story To Tell

Stories come in many forms, but the great ones give users an insight into a world they’ve never experienced before. By presenting OClear’s creation process from design to end product through video, viewers can better appreciate the work that has gone into making a quality product. Seeing is believing.

Consumers today are savvy. It’s no longer a one-way communication process, from brand to the customer. It’s about creating a connection from the first moment they land on the page — before they even think about making a purchase on any e-commerce site. Through beautifully crafted pictures complemented by thoughtful design, we weaved the threads of their story together to frame a memorable experience for OClear’s audience.

People want to identify with meaningful stories — and that’s where great design comes in.

Responsive Design

Designed to Scale

With most people doing their online shopping from their mobiles, this means that the e-commerce website has to adapt accordingly for the size of the screen it’s being displayed on. Through intelligent design, we consider each element carefully to create a seamless experience that both looks and feels good.

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Mobile Marketing - Changing customer journeys more effectively

Connecting with your target audience is no longer just an option. Digital tools have driven marketers to a point where they need to do this or risk losing their market share significantly. This could be more detrimental if it is not done as soon as possible. Mobile marketing has already become a major mover in the marketing field not only in Australia but the world over especially with the rising uptake of mobile devices among consumers.

How important is mobile marketing?

In a recent survey, it was found that 7 out of 10 marketers who use mobile platforms in their campaigns strongly believe that they are crucial in pushing the products or services. Year-on-Year numbers continue to grow in this aspect in the last few years. Hence, it is only fair that marketers are using mobile platforms as an enabler for moving customer journeys. It has become more common now for the customer journey to be planned with the mindset of putting mobile marketing first. This is mostly because smartphones have almost become the first device accessed by consumers.

The starting role for mobile marketing

With mobile marketing taking center stage, mobile applications now play more crucial roles. They are now more prominent and influential in location-based mobile marketing, social media marketing and advertising and in social media engagement. Australia is among the main movers in mobile marketing with more than 30% of marketers planning to move from traditional to digital channels in advertising expenditure. This puts Australia in the leading role, ahead of Japan which is at about 20%. In fact, the main areas that which marketing spending has increased in the last year in Australia are social media marketing and advertising, mobile applications, social media engagement and listening. This will push Australia higher the ranks and it has been projected that it will be in the top 10 global list. <4>How mobile apps are used effectively Several corporations have taken mobile marketing to new heights and below are some of the prominent ones.
  • Moving towards the mobile platform –’s total visits to their site are directed from mobile devices. This was made possible by the drive to develop a mobile app with all the functionalities onto an iOS app.
  • Gathering contact information – One Department of Veteran’s Affairs launched its 100th-anniversary event in Gallipoli. They wanted 10,500 registrations to fill up the space and Mnet Mobile launched an app that saw them filling up the attendance way before the day of the event. It was found that 20% of the attendees came from the mobile platform.
  • New customer touch points – In a creative move, Yates and Webling Interactive launched the Yates My Garden App which provided customers with new platforms to guide their gardening efforts. Besides the usual growth and manage their gardens, the app comes with design ideas as well as augmented reality features, which changed the way users access mobile apps in the past.
  • Integrate mobile devices – the Telstra Media Group incorporated the Pebble watch to provide real-time information about football on the wearable device. This includes vibration when a goal is scored.

Marketing Tips for Businesses in Australia

Running a business is never easy and it gets harder when you are trying to reach a specific target audience. Australia, like other developed economies, has a thriving, dynamic and highly competitive market and that means you need an extremely robust marketing strategy and plan.

Not about staying afloat

Running your business does not mean you are merely trying to survive and sustain. It is about building a long-term relationship with your customers and you need to do this right from the get-go. Your marketing strategy will outline what you should and should not do. This makes a big difference because it ensures that you minimize wastage while maximizing your resources in every way possible and that would surely be your game-changer.

Pick your strategy

There will never be a ‘sure-win’ strategy but that does not mean you do not plan. If you want your business to work, your marketing strategy will be crucial. Choose any one below, skew it to your style and see your business plan work.

  • Get in when its hot – It is a great time to start marketing when your business is good because you have cash-flow. This gives you more space to invest in a workable marketing plan and sales funnel. With cash, it beats the time when you do not. This helps to sustain your campaign during the dry season.
  • Know your audience – Always know who your customers are. Start with working out a few customer profiles and then zooming in on them. Work out who your audience is, what their desires are, what they fear and then you can derive the ideal customer. From there, you can start meeting their expectations.
  • Find the carrot on the stick – What you want is to create an offer that your customer cannot refuse. Make your customer want to be part of you. It can be signing-up on email, through a landing page or any form of initiative that can create leads.
  • Start from one – Don’t spread your resources out too thin. Work with one market group first, targeting that one audience group and focusing on what they want, then move your way out. It is not economical to spread your focus to too many groups because you might neglect the one which matters most.
  • Always test – There are many types of marketing strategy tests out there like A/B Testing, Split testing, etc. Take the trouble to know what they can do and then DO THEM! This is essential to ensure that you are not wasting your investment. Meanwhile, always test whatever ad you plan to put out in mass media on the digital platforms. Try out TV commercials on YouTube (or Facebook) and newspaper ads on websites and see if they work.
  • Go out and multiply – If your start of using one channel worked, then it makes sense to expand. This is where you should start cross-channel advertising so that you can have a wider reach and to more segments. After all, you can never survive mastering just one platform. You could have done well with Google Ads, now scale bigger to YouTube Ads and Facebook Advertising.
  • Groom your customers – Selling is your ultimate aim but should NEVER be your first! Let you customers know who you are and what you are all about. Content marketing works wonders here and when they are comfortable with your brand, they might just inadvertently buy from you. Your sales process is about education, not pressuring.
  • Pre-sales is crucial – Bear in mind that your marketing team should be the ones doing the pre-sales. If your marketing campaign worked, then it takes very minimal effort to convert sales. Closign the deal will become fast and easy.
  • Change constantly – Your first plan might work, but it will not stay this way for long. You need to innovate and inject new ideas. If it was 80/20 (Facebook/Instagram) the first time, perhaps it could be 60/20/20 (Facebook/Tiktok/Instagram) this time. Be open to ideas.
  • Know what your customers think – Why would your customers want to buy from you? Is your product all that matters or would they just want to own it? A good product can only get you this far. Knowing what drives them to buy is the last-mile effort that will seal the deal.


Pointers for Marketing to Australians

Is marketing the same everywhere across the world? Would a campaign enjoy equal success in the United States as it would in Asia or other parts of the world? Just because Australia speaks English (with a different accent obviously), would it mean an English ad will appeal to the Australian market?

Not entirely the same

While the language of communication is the same, the Australian market differs in many ways. It does not mean that just because a marketing campaign enjoyed tremendous success in another English-speaking community, it would definitely succeed the same way in Australia. This means that you cannot afford to take a campaign lock-stock and barrel and implement Down Under. There will always be the need to change and modify certain parts here ad there and we outline them for you.

Create a smokescreen

It matters not where your brand is from but if you can create the impression that you are somewhat an Australian brand, half your battle is won. Make no mistake about it! This is not asking you to change the identity of your brand. Coca-Cola will always be American just as Volvo will always be Swedish. The idea is that you create a story that your Australian market wishes that Volvo is Australian or that it is most suitable for the Australian market.

The Australian English Language

You need to be very careful with the language you use in your ads which should (and must!) be in Australian English. Before you take anything from the US, be sure to check their spelling and other English-language related issues. You need to speak Australian English, which is more skewed towards the British counterpart than the American. Hence, be sure to check your ‘s’ and ‘z’ in words like ‘Analyze’ which is American. The Australian English uses the spelling ‘Analyse’. Consumers are aware of and some might not be particular, but it is when you speak their language that you can resonate better with them. Besides that, you must take note of some common jargon that Australians use which might not be common in the US and vice-versa.

Use Australian Humour

Australians are known to have more irreverent and dry humour. Typically, they are exposed to a lot of American sitcoms and comedies that come on the telly or the internet but there are also local comedies that Australians love, having followed them for many years. To do this, your campaign needs to incorporate some form of Australian aspects and this can only be done when you involve local talent in your planning. Some phrases used in Australian humour are practically unheard of in the US, so you might want to use them in your campaigns.

 Go Local all the way

The easiest and fastest way to have a marketing campaign suitable for the Australian market is to work with a local expert. It is after all, one of the fastest-growing and aggressive advertising markets in the world which means you would never be short of talents around. In fact, some of the Australian campaigns have garnered international awards in marketing and communications across the world. You can now easily find freelance talents who can give you valuable input on local culture and practices to inject into your campaign.

Start from the bottom up

In whatever case, it is always good to start from the drawing board. No doubt you can use an existing campaign which was a huge success elsewhere but that should be as far as you should go. First, you cannot afford to copy and paste from another campaign without knowing what your target audience is. The Australian audience can be similar in some ways but entirely different in another. Anyone would always resonate with a local accent which means you have to use Australian talents.

2022 Marketing and beyond – What can you expect?

Marketing has often been one of the most dynamic industries that have changed tremendously over the past few decades. While it has evolved from simple concepts to the sophisticated platforms today, post-2020 could be its biggest makeover in the last century or so.

COVID-19 and its influence

Marketing has changed forever since COVID-19 happened. Every business imaginable was affected and that means household consumption and business investments will be widely influenced as well. Spending will surely change and consumers will become more mindful about where and what they are spending on after 2020. This will have a direct impact on marketing which must be recognized.

Events and roadshows

Gone are the days (forever) when roadshows and events play important roles in marketing plans. Marketers will now have to plan hybrid events (offline and online) if they are to create awareness or launch new products. Virtual events are now more common than ever and marketers are aware of how effective (or not effective) they can be. In fact, more than 90% of marketers have indicated that they are investing in virtual events that can reach a larger audience effectively.

New marketing leaders and talents

Conventional marketing will no longer work. Big corporations have already replaced their traditional marketing teams led by CMOs with more modern and hybrid personnel. They are looking at data science at the helm of their marketing activities because they need actionable insights and lead generations, all of which are buzz words for marketing in what is to come after 2020. These companies are now looking to employ people and leaders who are focused on growth and not merely brand building. It is going to be a digitalized world that will influence how marketers spend their expenditure for sure.

Video marketing and modern consumers

There is no doubt that video marketing is the way forward for all strategies. It is impossible to neglect how well videos have moved into the daily lives of the consumer. They watch videos on-demand (YouTube) or by chance (Facebook) and they will continue to do so. That is how consumers are today and marketers will need to start building loyalty through these platforms. This will yet again fall back into data science and analytics which will then influence the type of content and videos to be created in order to relay the right message across.

Putting it all together

The world changed in 2020 and a whole new normal has surfaced. Marketing has always been this way, taking on whatever the world gives and then using it to better reach the target audience. The years after 2020 will be no different but it will surely be more significant than before. From the top of the pinnacle to the bottom of the pyramid, everything will need to evolve and data will surely be right in the middle of it all.