Simplest and most affordable Restaurant POS system

Why use us?

The COMPOS system is a point-of-sale (POS) system that offers a secure and convenient platform for Food and Beverages (F&B) businesses. With this fully-integrated and versatile system, your business can now enjoy revolutionary and efficient processes that cover food ordering, self-ordering and digital payments, to name a few.

How can your business enjoy FNB?

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Easy to use and deploy

With COMPOS, your business will surely flourish and grow to a whole new level. Operations and processes in the front end, kitchen and all the others via the cloud-based platform. If you are starting a new F&B business or looking to expand a current one, FNBPOS is the perfect solution that is easy to use, allowing you to digitize most (if not all) of your operations.

Main features of FNBPOS

With our COMPOS software, your F&B will enjoy:

  • A user-friendly system that is easy to learn and adapt. Billing is fast, reliable and efficient.
  • Eliminate manual ordering processes which are cumbersome and error-prone
  • Improve time taken for ordering and billing.
  • Integrated with food delivery apps like GrabFood, Shoppee Food, etc.
  • Integrated with other related systems like self-ordering and QR Ordering
  • Eliminate the use of multiple devices as they can be accessed via a standard smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Cloud-based application for easy access

Each F&B business is different from the next. Hence, it is crucial to understand the entire process for COMPOS to be effective. We will be involved from:

  • Preliminary stages – We will study your business in-depth to determine what is needed for support by the COMPOS. This is the stage to configure the menu that you offer and the food ordering flow process.
  • Installation – This stage involves setting up COMPOS at your restaurant (site). We will configure the system based on the needs of your business for optimal performance.
  • Post-Installation Support – Once the COMPOS is operational, our team will be on standby to provide technical and other support as required. This is to ensure that you enjoy a glitch-free operation in your restaurant. We have personnel ready to help during your operational hours as well as online support services.

With COMPOS, your business will operate through a cloud-based service that you can access using an easy-to-understand dashboard. This also means that you can access the system remotely for updating prices, menu items or other purposes.

The ROI is Tremendous

Table and Customer Management

The COMPOS helps your operations in table management. From the start, it is designed to be set up according to the seating plan in your restaurant. Your staff will then be able to key in crucial information like the number of persons, occupancy levels and other data. Bills can be split and combined easily.

Integrate with your current POS

If your restaurant already has a current POS, our COMPOS can be customized to work alongside your existing platform. On top of that, it will also work seamlessly with food delivery services like Foodpanda and Grab Food.

Restaurant Kitchen Integration

With COMPOS, you will be able to connect with your customers and in food ordering. This will also be connected to the kitchen where you can now enjoy an all-in-one solution. This includes a kitchen display platform where the staff at the food preparation department has a single system that shows what is being ordered in a systematic and queued manner. This will ensure any changes, customized orders or special items are reflected in real-time.

Order payment and digital wallet Systems

This is a platform that provides order payment. Using the latest technologies, your restaurant will be integrated with the current and most popular payment systems which are highly secure and reliable. Our payment platform is integrated with names like Grab Pay, Pay Pal and most industry-ready digital payment engines.

With COMPOS, your restaurant can now enjoy an all-in-one ordering system. Your business will enjoy:

  • 24/7 customer and technical support
  • More orders can be processed within a shorter period of time
  • Easy to use and just plug, install and use
  • Integration of order, kitchen and inventory control
  • Efficient kitchen management for food preparation

Used by more than 3000 clients worldwide

Table Management

With the table management feature, your restaurant can now improve its table turnover rate faster and more efficiently. Avoid losing your customers or agitating them due to long waiting times. The table management feature will keep track of all the tables in your restaurant including duration and time took. This will give you a clear picture of tables available or ready for use anytime at any glance. While waiting for their table, customers can start ordering their food which will then be sent to the kitchen when a table becomes available. This will show you how long customers have been waiting for their food so you know what is happening. Drag and drop the icons accordingly if needed like situations when customers change tables, merge or otherwise.

  • Track the duration of each table
  • Customers order while waiting for their table
  • Merge, change, move tables

A convenient ordering system

Gone are the days when orders are written on paper and then keying the items into the POS for billing later. With UCHef, you no longer need to take down orders and then move to the location of your POS to update the system. You can use a tablet and move about while keying in the orders instead of being limited by the spot of the terminal. This can also be customized to your restaurant’s offerings like ‘increase sugar’, ‘saltier’, ‘spicier’, etc which can be done from the tablet itself.
  • Order anywhere
  • Customize items in the menu
  • Confirm with the customer before sending the order to the kitchen

Communicate seamlessly between departments

Within your restaurant, all the devices can be connected in a single networked system. The orders will be sent to the kitchen and when the food is prepared, the staff will update the system which will then be confirmed to the POS. At each point, there will be a printer for better management. This will ensure that order chits are properly printed, documented and applied.
  • Printing of order chits at each station
  • Notifications at every point of the restaurant
  • Printers synchronized for better order management

Managing your promotions and customer loyalty

UChef has a tracking system where you can manage customer loyalty and promotions. You can give out discount codes that when applied can be updated in the system so that you can track how effective your promotions are. On top of that, it helps you to monitor your bottom line so that you can maintain your profit. There are many discount types available in UChef depending on your needs like Buy 1 Free 1, Purchase With Purchase, Upsize, and others.
  • Manage and control the cost of discounts
  • Use several types of discounts
  • Generate reports to gauge the effectiveness
  • Payment systems and modes
There are now many types of payment systems in the market. Whether it is debit or credit card, cash or cash vouchers, your customers will be delighted to know you are ready to accept them all. Furthermore, e-wallets and online banking have become widely popular too. UChef has an integrated payment system that will allow you to manage all types of accepted payment modes. This is also integrated with delivery services for better financial reporting.
  • Manage and alter payment modes
  • Generate reports (profit and loss)

Dine-in or Takeout, your choice

This system is optimized to help restaurants manage orders whether it is for dining in or take-out. This is crucial as it will ensure no mix-ups in the kitchen. Order chic stickers will be printed accordingly so that they can be attached to the food after preparation to be handled in the next department (sent to the table or packed).
  • More efficient food preparation by the kitchen and delivery
  • Clear printing of stickers and labels.