Tapway AI Solutions

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For Malls

Measure with great accuracy footfall, mall traffic and patterns to see which direction your visitors are headed.

Location-based analytics help to study and predict visitor flow, duration, and repeats – all within and across various zones – to determine hot and cold spots, optimizing prime lots, business strategies, and even ensuring the safety of your visitors.

Work with your tenants to create strategic, targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that are appealing and relevant by learning what they like, where in the mall. Boost up publicity on events and keep your customers in the know of mall happenings.

For F&B

Get customers talking about your outlet by giving them free WiFi access!

With almost everyone connected to a social media platform, #trending conversations, check-ins and photos help to increase visibility and awareness.

In-store analytics allows you to get personal with your customer – who they are, how frequently they visit, and how long they stay – to enable you to create targeted marketing campaigns.

Tie this in with CRM and you will even know what they like to order, allowing you to provide your customers with the rewards they deserve when they spend at your outlet.

For Retail

By giving customers free WiFi access, you are able to communicate directly with them while in-store. Customized login pages can push and promote the day’s hot deals, and those that are exclusively catered to a specific customer.Leverage on omni-channel marketing strategies by redirecting your customers to websites, social channels or apps of your choice.

Wireless connectivity and use of technology allows for better, improved, and increased customer retention and loyalty. Tapway’s campaign feature allows you to retain at-risk customers and help drive sales by pushing relevant offers and promotions, and reward loyal customers with special and customized privileges.

Tapway’s in-store analytics enables you to monitor store performance – unique vs repeat visitors, dwell times, walk-by conversions – to manage the success of marketing campaigns, store layout, and even merchandising.

For Hospitality

Move into the future of keyless hotels together with Tapway’s comprehensive analytics system to turn any visit into an experience to remember for every guest.

Working hand-in-hand with the hotel’s keyless feature, make your guests feel like a VIP with intuitive, strategic and personalized promotions for their favourite relaxing pastimes by offering dining privileges, theatre specials, or even pamper sessions.

By knowing and remembering what your favourite customer – all of them – likes, you are alleviating the hotel experience to another level, and that ensures your hotel will their top choice, every single trip.


tapway mobile

Gain in-depth and valuable insights into consumer behavior, engagement patterns, and retail trends with big data.


Use business intelligence to give customers what they want – free WiFi, loyalty rewards, and special offers – to draw them in, make them stay, and bring them back.


Put big data to work and harness powerful customer insights to create personalized marketing campaigns that are relevant, and speak directly to consumers.

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