ValuePenguin SG is now ValueChampion

ValuePenguin Singapore, one of the platforms that have been helping Singaporeans with financial issues and matters recently changed their name to ValueChampion. A site where Singaporean consumers could find information about financial packages and products, they started out as ValuePenguin and this has been going on for 2 years now.

Making better financial decisions

In the last 2 years, ValuePenguin has helped its members understand financial implications better, making better decisions and risks. In changing and rebranding into ValueChampion, the move was done after much planning and extensive thought process.

In doing this, ValuePenguin might have to forgo certain areas of businesses that they have been building on in the last 2 years. In fact, some branding might be lost along the way too. Hence, such a decision was made knowing that the transition might not be very easy for them.

Why the name ValueChampion?

The idea of using the word ‘champion’ was used to portray the elements of responsiblity and goal. The word is commonly used to represent winning but it could also mean advocating something. This was going to be reflected by their goal which was to evaluate each financial decision carefully and meticulously. ValueChampion aims to be advocates for the members to get as much as they can with their money. This will in turn allow them to do more with their money.

It is imperative that the consumers value and know that ValueChampion goes through great lengths to help them solve their financial issues and questions. To publish the information, they have carried out proper research and done a lot of homework so that the information is accurate and relevant to the members. At the end of the day, consumers know that they will get practical solutions that are easy to adopt through ValueChampion.

‘Champion’ could also mean warrior and that is what they seek out to do. To help consumers ‘fight’ the most of what they have including finding ways for better value and spending or practical ideas on personal finance.

Business as usual

Ultimately, what the consumers will get at ValueChampion is the same quality of service that they have trusted in the last 2 years. Information and resources related to financial planning, loans and credit cards are there for reading, comparison or just knowledge. One thing for sure, consumers and members will still be able to source for information and to be better financial managers of their own money. They can learn more, share with others or get expert advice through this one-stop platform.

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