Top 10 Venture Capital firms in Singapore

Venture capitalists in Singapore

Singapore has been one of the most attractive markets for growing businesses not only within the region but across the world. Suffice to say, it is among the best places as it has been known as a tech mecca and paradise for startups. In some reports, it has been claimed that Singapore is way better than the famed Silicone Valley in the US.

Why are startups looking at Singapore?

Among the main reasons for launching your business in Singapore is because of the many benefits they get here like the ease of doing business, subsidies from the government, tax incentives and some very innovative policies. In other words, startups like Singapore because it is easy for them to start. Furthermore, there is a thriving community for startups with many sources of funding too.

Official records show that there are more than 150 VC firms in Singapore. Meanwhile, angel investors are increasing too. In 2018, the amount of venture funding reached SGD$14.3 billion and that is more than tenfold from the 6 years before. With so many VC firms around, it might be challenging to figure which one is the best.

Who are the top Venture Capital firms in Singapore?

There are a few major VC firms offering to fund startups and such. It must also be noted that they are not the same as angel investors which are usually referred to as high-net-worth individuals. VCs are mostly formal funds involved in fund management. Below are some of them:

GIC Private Limited
GIC Private Limited is one of the most popular VC firms. It was previously the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation. As the name implies, it is part of the investment arm for the Singaporean government through a sovereign wealth fund. Back in 1981, it was tasked to manage the foreign reserves for Singapore and to look for good long-term investments. Today, it has grown with 10 branches around the world. To date, it has been reported that GIC’s SWFI or Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute manages assets of about USD$744 billion. What makes GIC such an interesting firm is that it could invest in a large array of assets. This could be infrastructure, sovereign debts and such.

Sequoia Capital
This VC firm does not need much introduction as it has been around for more than 40 years now. Sequoia Capital has often been known for its affiliation with some of the top names int eh world like Larry Page, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. It has a strong presence among startups and firms in profitable sectors like mobile and internet startups, healthcare, energy and financial platforms. Besides VC funding, Sequoia Capital is also involved in incubation programs to help startups get off the ground.

Cisco Investments
Cisco is an international telecommunications brand. This is the VC arm of the company that looks for potential offline and tech startups around the world. The emphasis that Cisco Investments look at includes firms that are in semiconductors, Internet of Things, Software as a Service and Big Data and it has offices in major markets like the USA, Australia, China, India, the United Kingdom and Singapore.

B Capital Group
This VC firm was launched by Eduardo Saverin who was a co-founder of Facebook. With offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, it had expanded into India and Southeast Asia in 2014 and never looked back since.

Golden Gate Ventures 
This firm operates in Singapore as well as in San Francisco. It is present in more than 7 countries, investing in more than 30 businesses. Golden Gate Ventures has a strong emphasis in business involving consumer internet, social media, e-commerce, digital entertainment and crowdsourcing, among others. It is also affiliated with Gojek.

EDBI has over the years funded companies in the tech sectors mostly. This is a global investor with a large network across the world and is based in Singapore. Among the sectors that EDBI has funded companies in include innovative-intensive firms, healthcare, emerging technology and information & communication technology.

Monk’s Hills Ventures
This VC firm has offices in Singapore, Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. It has been around since 2014 where among the names that it has invested in include Zipmatch, PlayLab and Ninja Van.

SGInnovate was established in 2016 and has become one of the major VC firms across the region. Based in Singapore, it is known for its affiliation to invest in tech startups. Among the known names that SGInnovate invested include Tabsquare, Aida and Thaiger, an Australian-based Thailand news portal.

500 Durian
This VC firm has a very localized name but it has been touted to be among the most active firms in the world. If you are a startup that is aiming to expand in the Southeast Market, they are ready to talk. The company typically funds startups between USD$50,000 and USD$300,000.

East Ventures 
This VC Firm is based in Tokyo, Jakarta and Singapore. Established in 2010, it focuses on early-stage seeding in businesses of social, gaming, SaaS, mobile services and commerce. To date, it has invested in more than 150 companies in large economies in Asia and the United States including the likes of Traveloka, Shippo and Gradberry, among others.

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