ThePod Boutique Capsule Hotel Singapore – Capsule Stay has never been this good!

Following the popularity of capsule hotels in Japan, one has recently popped up in Singapore which has been creating a lot of waves. The Pod is one such place where you can stay here for a truly rewarding experience.

An out-of-this-world experience

Believe it or not, capsule hotels are no strangers to the traveler bugs. In fact, it has been in a lot of debate going about in this as to whether a holiday should be like that. Among those that have been discussed include:

  1. Should a Capsule Hotel be all about basics?
  2. Should you pay more for a Capsule Hotel?
  3. What should you expect in these hotels?

Luxury and Unique stay

The name itself could tell you a lot. Called The Pod and this hotel is truly an unforgettable experience if you stay here. The design is very urban where you will enjoy a truly modern style living at its best. What makes The Pod interesting is its location. For a fraction of a 5-star hotel rate, you are staying close to Beach Road, one of the most convenient locations in central Singapore. In fact, you are near to MRT stations, bus stations (which is an arm’s length away), several tourist attractions and a wide variety of food too.

The power-packed experience at The Pod

Basically, you get to cocoon into your own Pod when you check in. You get your own shoe locker here while being sheltered into your own tinted-window rooms. In fact, you would be oblivious to what is happening outside especially with the hustle and bustle of the city’s traffic. You will surely appreciate the minimalist-design within The Pod. Your room key will give you access to your own ‘storage cabinet’ which is underneath your POD. This space is actually quite large where you can fit in a big luggage with some extra space to boot.

International standard facilities


Among the facilities that you can expect to find at The Pod include:

  1. Bathrooms and Toilets – Take note that the bathrooms here are unisex. There are racks to hang your towels and a hairdryer too
  2. Gender rooms – The dorms are divided among female and male so there you can rest assure of privacy
  3. Common area – This is very much your business cum lounge area. You can charge your devices here while hanging out at the TV area. There are a fridge and a kitchenette too
  4. Facilities and Services – Ultimately, you will like the facilities provided here including a towel, water and a free breakfast. You are free to use the drying facilities here while there are queen size beds for couples too
  5. Wi-Fi – This is very important as you get to enjoy the free Wi-Fi services available for all the guests at The Pod

Our Verdict of The Pod

The Pod is a nice place to stay if you are looking for an experience and not just a night’s stay. In fact, The Pod offers you an affordable place to stay the night without having to pay exorbitant fees. You can enjoy luxury but one which is not too extravagant but comfortable enough for you to have an enjoyable trip. After all, you want a place to stay which is nice enough and not too expensive but comes with the best (or at least basic) facilities you expect. And to make it a lot more unforgettable, you get to benefit from the convenience of the location too.

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