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DNS Bypass

A DNS (Domain Name System) Bypass is a technique applied by computer users when there are restrictions imposed by the internet service provider for its users in accessing the internet. This is where one needs to know what options to change in the settings level especially when the browser is pointed at a certain public server.

This means that you will need to have knowledge of what IP addresses are which typically is a location of a server.

A situation surfaced recently when the MCMC (Malaysian Commission for Multimedia and Communications) imposed a ban on certain file sharing websites which they deemed to be providing illegal file sharing services. Hence a directive was issued to the local ISPs to filter people accessing the sites.

What the ISPs did was to filter some sites by blocking the DNS of the pages.  Here is how it works, in simple terms, a website is matched to an IP address which is hard to remember (imagine which means So the DNS is used like a reference point that matches the number with the name.

So if you type the name, it gets to the DNS and matches the numbers. DNS blocking is where the request is blocked before it gets matched.

DNS Bypass is where instead of using the ISP’s server, you use a different DNS address. Here is where you can insert on the DNS server under your browser’s settings function which is Google’s DNS server.

The Settings are:

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:


OpenDNS Server

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:



PHPRoxy is the name given to a type of proxy website which is used by someone to get access to websites which are in most cases either blocked or filtered. It provides users with unchallenged entry into websites which are usually not allowed in certain organizations. This does not particularly apply for adult websites because there are instances when organizations block access to social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to deter its employees from spending too much time on the portals.

In some situations, PHProxy are considered illegal because it would also allow access into corporate or governmental websites which could post security threats to their data. Hence, it is one of the most common tools used by hackers and illegal users who want to gain access into the database of a particular company.

Such sites are designed in such a way that one gain uninterrupted access to the sites they want to access. This is particularly common in certain countries where censorship of internet is common. In Malaysia, PHProxy was used recently by some quarters after the government banned some file sharing sites like which drew a lot of protest despite the ‘No Censorship of Internet’ in the Bill of Guarantees of the MSC Malaysia.


CGIProxy is generally a proxy application which allow the user to access other websites through it. CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface where it is used when there are some form of restrictions on certain websites by the local ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

CGIProxy is developed using a high level programming language called Perl and can be installed in most web servers which run the Perl program and supports Non-Parsed Header CGI scripts. This means that it can be used in most internet related protocols that include the common FTP, HTTP, Javascript and many others.

It is a free script that provides users the access to any website which runs of the same server although it is more commonly used to access blocked web sites while maintaining anonymity.

This means that in a situation where one cannot access a website through the home PC which accesses the public ISP or through a computer in the company’s network which is channeled through the web server, then the CGIProxy can be used to go around the block. This is where you can easily access sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter if the company has a policy that blocks your access to the site.


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