Smart WIFI Detector

Bring Singapore Technology to Life

Consult Gadget concept is to bring WIRELESS smaller and faster internet speed with a combination of Intelligent Router, Extender and Booster. Portable enough to fit into traveling bags and even pockets. Providing a solid and trustworthy security protocol for established or new devices as well. When selecting a WIFI extender or booster, there are a few aspects to mull over. The first is the applicable strength of the device when incorporated into an existing router system. Can be plug-in properly, fast and easily set-up without the need of any special tools. Supports wireless technology and offers efficient fast connections for lower-end Internet network plans. There are also wearable smart technologies that rely on Wifi as well.

Smart Gadgets in Singapore

Extenders, Boosters and Repeaters are the same and they all enhance or improve WIFI coverage. Installing these plug and go smart gadgets is a hassle-free move to speed up your Internet usage anywhere. Incorporating a wifi booster into the mix, supercharge wireless communication between any internet devices, helping with the increased signal receives in any obstructed area. Though the old saying “you get what you pay for” is crucial when purchasing new smart technology, our prices is not expensive just because it is smaller, portable and faster Ethernet speed.


For assurance, Consult Gadget have been featured in leading technology websites such as Gizmodo, Washington Post, Entrepreneur, Wired and many more for various wifi products and services. There is no reason why you should not be using our top wifi extender as well as become a customer today!

Wireless Wifi Extender

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could extend your wifi range to speed up your internet where there are walls in between the network router’s location? It’s very common that even standard expensive router could slow down your internet signal to a crawl especially when you are online in positions such as rooms on another floor, kitchen, garden, garage and so on. With the dependence on wifi tech, a reliable and strong signal is essential for connecting with all devices at home, office or traveling. Yet standard, out of the box WiFi technology is rarely enough for all your needs.

In a business, personnel are in need of highly available access to information from everywhere around the world. Business efficiency helps improve productivity and generate more revenue. A secure broadband remote access has become a necessity for important data solutions, thus has to be to be user-friendly and compatible.

Your business may encompass areas of distribution, logistics as well as equipment installation and remote workforce is extensively involved in your business establishment. Therefore, remote access to core information plays a crucial role in order to ensure business efficiency and to minimize downtime in workforce.

Introducing you to iZZi, your fundamental solution to mobile wireless broadband Internet connection that suits your business best!
Make iZZi your choice!

  • Simple plug and play
  • Secure access to private networks
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Anywhere, anytime Internet access to product and client information.
  • Increase the number of sales calls and achieve targets sooner.
  • More freedom for you
  • Get high speed Internet that goes where you go!
  • Take your user terminal (UT) and connection with you
  • Small, lightweight user terminal (UT)s make relocating PC or laptop easy
  • Your head office can monitor and track staff activity
  • Your head office sees return on investment faster

Easy payment over 12 months with participating credit cards.

  • 12 months installment for signing up “iZZi” annual subscription package.
  • Get a “4G” card FOC , Wow, what superb value!!!
  • What’s best, no interest charged at all for repayments over 12 monthly installments

Over the next 12 months, your credit card company will bill your credit card account monthly with no additional interest – that’s iZZi Zero Interest Easy Payment Plan, making it easy for you to become our subscriber at superb value with a “4G” card worth more than $700 given to you completely free of charge. No extra charge whatsoever.

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