Singapore Top Restaurants

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles

In Hokkien, it means minced meat noodles. This is perhaps one of the most common favorite Chinese hawker foods. Located at the Tai Hwa Eating House in Crawford Lane, you want to come here for their aromatic sauce used to mix the noodles with the pork which are cooked to perfection.

Burnt Ends

Serving Australian barbecue food, it seems that you might have to wait up to 2 months if you want to eat here. After all, Burnt Ends has already make it to the World’s 70th Best Restaurant as well as being the fourteenth best restaurant in Asia. Located in Teck Lim Road, the menu changes almost daily.

Selamat Datang Warong Pak Sapari

The Indonesian dish Mee Soto is very popular here. Located at Adam Food Center in Adam Road, you will enjoy the spices used to create the soup used to cook this dish. There is a lot to take away from this dish because the ingredients are just too many to list. Dig in and be surprised.

DB Bistro Moderne

This restaurant is owned by Daniel Boulud, an internationally renowned restaurateur. Their DB burger remains as their signature item which is priced about SGD40. Besides that, their Ribeye is popular as well. Come here for the exemplary service or just enjoy the fact that you are in Marina Bay Sands.

Mattar Road Seafood BBQ

This is the place to go if you want to try out chili crab. Widely debated and even regarded as the national dish in Singapore, check out this place along the Old Airport Road Food Centre and you will not regret it. In fact you will come back in the next available chance.


This establishment is ranked 18th in Asia. It is in Hilton Singapore where the fine diners love to go. Here, you get to enjoy the best of east meeting west as they combine the most impeccable dishes from Australia, Japan and Europe. The fact that they are acknowledged by Forbes Travel Guide puts them a class above the rest.

Imperial Treasure Fine Cuisine

If you are looking for some superb and excellent Chinese food, the Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine is the place to go. Once you have dined here, you will no longer take anything less. Simple dishes like sweet and sour pork is their specialty while you should try their Peking Duck and soup too.

Leng Kee BBQ

Located at the ABC Brickworks Food Centre, this is the place to go if you like some barbecued chicken wings. Make no mistake about it, barbecuing chicken wings look easy but not everyone can make it as good as this. Great as a side dish and perfect as a main dish.

Taste Paradise

Located at the ION Orchard, it is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Singapore. Their Shark Fin in Supreme Broth is to die for and is a great place for Chinese fine dining. Besides that, you must try out their baked char siew pastry and their other dim sum offerings.

Poon Nah City Home Made Noodle

This outlet serves the best Ban Mian or Board Noodles. Anyone who likes Chinese hawker food will love this dish. Wheat flour and eggs used to create the dough to create the noodles and then served with soup, anchovies and mushrooms, it is affordable, simply delicious and totally unforgettable.


Their chef Ronnie Chia helms the kitchen here. Located in Goodwood Park Hotel along Scotts Road, they change the menu every 2 weeks while offering among the best chirashi-don in the entire country. With a Japanese outlook, Tatsuya offers some of the freshest items which they import directly from Japan.

Tippling Club

This place is managed by Ryan Clift, a celebrity chef in his own accord which was once ranked the 45th Best Bar in the World. If you like food an cocktails, then Tippling Club has it all with some of the most exciting mixes like their Juniper Sling.

Legendary Bak Kut Teh

The Legendary Bak Kut Teh opened its doors late in 2016 and has become so popular, it has beaten even some of the more established names. Located in South Bridge Road, this outlet is operated by Chua Chui Chui, the daughter of the founder of Founder Bak Kut Teh.

TungLok Signatures

Located in Orchard Parade Hotel is TungLok Signatures. Known to be among the leading and to some, the best Chinese restaurant in Singapore this is where you get the best of Szechuan and Shanghai cuisine. Try out their Pan-fried Lobster Steak here which can be costly but well worth it.

Wild Rocket

If you have wondered what is mod-sin cuisine, then Wild Rocket could be your crash course. Started by a former lawyer, this is one of the few early players of such cuisine and its view from the top of Mount Emily along Upper Wilkie Road would be exciting enough.


Located along St Andrew’s Road near the National Gallery Museum, prices here is SGD88++ for a four-course meal with options for vegetarians. This is a fine dining outlet where you should try out their signature item, the 55’ Smoked Organic Egg and others through the inspiration of renowned chef Julien Royer.

Waku Ghin

Another place to dine at Marina Bay Ands, this place serves modern Japanese cuisine. Chef Tetsuay is the owner as well and you should try out their marinated botan shrimp with sea urchin and oscietra caviar and they only have space for 25 people at any time which makes it all the more exclusive.

Les Amis

Les Amis is located in Shaw Centre in Scotts Road, this outlet serves among the best Caviar on Potato Salad. Cost can be quite high but being able to experience the arts of Chef Sebastian Lepinoy will be worth it as you get to taste the best and finest French cuisine.

Corner House

Expect to spend at least SGD100 per meal here. The Corner House is at the Singapore Botanic Gardens helmed by Chef Jason Tan. This place serves modern French cuisine and you should try out their Kristal de Chine Caviar. It has some of the best settings among restaurants in Singapore.


Located along the rustic CHIJMES, Chef Sam Aisbett whips up some of the best Australian dishes here. Having many years under Chef Tetsuya Wakuda, this is Aisbett’s first venture where you get some of the most unique dishes around including their owned Mangalica Pork.

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