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PublicTransport@SG provides users with the convenience of accessing both static and live public transport (PT) information from a single website. Besides bringing PT information virtually to users, the website also features the latest PT related news and information on PT promotion campaigns and initiatives. The information provided is across operators and modes.

The main features of PublicTransport@SG include:

  • Interactive maps to get around Singapore.
  • Public Transport information such as bus service information, key bus services maps, MRT and LRT system map, the Public Transport Guide and premium bus services.
  • Real time information on Bus Arrival Time is also available for selected bus stops.
  • User Guide on SMS Bus Arrival Information.
  • Hyperlinks to related websites such as TransitLink’s Public Transport Journey Planner, the Singapore Tourist Pass and links to the public transport operators’ websites.
  • Latest public transport related news and public transport promotion campaigns and initiatives.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Transport, that spearheads land transport developments in Singapore.

LTA plans the long-term transport needs of Singapore, taking care of those who drive as well as those who take public transport. The ultimate goal – a smooth and seamless journey for all.

The LTA was formed through the merger of four public sector entities, namely:

A people-centred land transport system

To provide an efficient and cost-effective land transport system for different needs.


  • To deliver a land transport network that is integrated, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable to meet the nation’s needs.
  • To plan, develop and manage Singapore’s land transport system to support a quality environment while making optimal use of our transport measures and safeguarding the well-being of the travelling public.
  • To develop and implement policies to encourage commuters to choose the most appropriate transportation mode.

Strategic Thrusts

  • Make Public Transport a Choice Mode
  • Optimise Road Network and Enhance its Accessibility
  • Excel in Service Quality
  • Create Value and Instil Pride in Our Work

Visitors Exploring Singapore

Visitors can use the Singapore Tourist Pass, which offers all-day unlimited travel* on both the MRT and LRT trains and basic bus services. Visitors can buy a one-day, two-day or three-day pass.

What is Distance Fares?

All commuters are charged a fare based on their total distance travelled (whether on the bus or train). The Distance Fares scheme brings about a more integrated fare structure that allows commuters to make transfers without incurring additional costs. Fares are computed on a journey basis, without a boarding charge being imposed for every transfer trip that makes up the journey.

To fully enjoy the benefits of Distance Fares, remember these points:

• Pay with an EZ-Link or NETS Flashpay stored value card

• You may make up to 5 transfers within a single journey, with a 45-minute allowance between each transfer

• You can take up to 2 hours to complete your journey

• You should enter and exit the train network only once in a journey

• You should not take the same bus service number more than once in a journey

How will senior citizens, children and students benefit?

Senior citizens enjoy 25 percent discount off adult fares and pay a flat fare for travel beyond 7.2km. In addition, since 8 October 2011, senior citizen concessionary fares have been extended to full day.

Children and students enjoy 50 percent discount off adult fares and also pay a flat fare for travel beyond 7.2km.

For, senior citizens, children and students using their respective concession passes, one should continue to tap in and out on entry and exit respectively as per a regular trip.

Basic Bus Services

Singapore’s public buses offer one of the most convenient and enjoyable ways to explore the island’s charming streets. They complement the MRT in bringing you to practically any corner of the island. Most buses are air-conditioned for the comfort of passengers. Buses in Singapore are operated by SBS Transit and SMRT Buses.

With the launch of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) rail system in 1987, commuters in Singapore enjoy a comprehensive public transport network similar to other developed cities. There are also the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) systems that link MRT stations within the HDB housing estates.

Train Service Timings

• Trains operate from 5.30 am to Midnight daily.

• The first and last train departure times vary between stations, as well as on weekends and Public Holidays. 

Morning off-peak Discount

From Mondays to Saturdays, adults and senior citizens enjoy a special discount up to 30 cents when you begin your journey from any North-South line, East-West line, or Bukit Panjang LRT station and alight before 7.45am at selected stations in the city.

Whether you are travelling with a young child, a student, a senior citizen, someone with special needs or a visitor enjoying the sights and scenes of this clean and bright island, hop onto our public transport for your daily travel.

Adult & Young Children

Young children are those who are no taller than 0.9m, and who are not attending Primary School yet. They can travel free on buses or trains when accompanied by a fare-paying parent or guardian.

Children taller than 0.9m can use the Child Concession card, which offers concession travel before they start attending Primary School. The card costs $5 and can be bought at any TransitLink Ticket Office.

Adults are encouraged to use the stored value smartcard that can be topped up to $500. The card can be used for bus and train fares, as well as making payments at selected shops.

Students and Full-time NSFs

Primary School, Secondary School and Junior College students will be issued a personalised School Smartcard by their school, while students studying in Institutes of Technical Education will be issued an ITE Student Concession card.

Senior Citizens

Singapore citizens or permanent residents, who are 60 or older, can apply for a personalised Senior Citizen Concession card to enjoy concession travel.

Commuters with Special Needs

To help wheelchair-bound commuters move around easily, barrier-free walkways are constructed at train stations, bus interchange premises, bus stops and taxi stands.


What is Park & Ride?

Park & Ride (P&R) is a scheme that allows motorists to enjoy attractive season parking rates at designated sites as well as “chauffeured convenience”, via public transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I check my fares for non-basic services such as premium buses, Nite Owl, Parks bus services?

Distance Fares is applicable on basic trunk and feeder buses, express bus services and MRT/LRT services including travel on the North East Line and Circle Line. The new distance-based fare structure does not apply to premium bus services which generally charge flat fares.

2. If I take a non-air-con bus service, what would be my fare?

Today, the majority of buses (97%) are air-conditioned and thus the Fare Calculator is designed to calculate fares based on all bus trips on air-con buses.

For journeys that involve travel on non air-con buses, the total fare for the journey could be cheaper by up to 25 cents, depending on the distance travelled on the non air-con bus.

3. How can commuters check their fares if they are paying by cash (on bus) or using a single trip ticket (MRT/LRT)?

Commuters taking the bus can check their fares from the fare tables that are available at bus stops and bus interchanges. At MRT/LRT stations, the fare for a single trip ticket will be displayed on posters at the MRT/LRT stations

4. Can I specify my preferred route when taking a train?

Train fares are charged based on the distance of the fastest route between any two MRT/LRT stations. Hence there is no need for commuters to specify their route of travel within the rail network.

MyTransport Mobile

Be empowered for an all new travelling experience

MyTransport.SG Mobile, an award winning app, is a content-rich service offering a wide range of information for all modes of land transportation – empowering commuters, motorists and cyclists in Singapore to make informed decisions and better plan their journey, with these features:

  • Personalise your favourite services with MyConcierge
  • Search and locate nearby bus stops and service number with bus route details
  • Get real-time island-wide bus arrival information
  • Search and locate nearby taxi stands and quick dial for taxi booking services
  • Report road defects via Snap & Send
  • Get real-time parking lots availability for popular locations
  • Plan route with Traffic News and ERP Gantries on Traffic Smart
  • View live traffic images along all expressways round the island
  • Receive notification on expressways traffic news during peak hours and train service delay information
  • Explore cycling towns, routes, and parking facilities
  • Find out lifestyle events and promotions nearby

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