One North Festival – Seriously Science

Seriously, Science?

With its myriad of technical terms, science and technology can be difficult to understand for those not immersed in scientific research and discourse. Science is more pervasive and interwoven in our lives than we can ever imagine and from newspaper reports and social media alone, it is often hard to grasp the full picture on how our everyday lives are influenced by science; or why we need to be curious about the latest technological breakthroughs in the field.

Science communication shapes our world

With a network of scientists and researchers, science communication at A*STAR is never dull. Tapping on the voluminous amount of scientific knowledge, we are able to present science and technology in a manner that is easily accessible and understood; sparkling meaningful discussions that give science and technology a stronger presence in our society. Everyone benefits from science communication – the public becomes more aware of the research and innovations that enhance our daily lives, whilst scientists and researchers receive the recognition and funding they deserve. This leads to more ground-breaking research that can take place in Singapore and within A*STAR.

A*STAR’s Office of Science Communications and Archives, also known as OSCAR is the team that drives efforts to promote science outreach through its range of community engagement activities. OSCAR fosters engagement and dialogue between researchers and the public; through talks, festivals, workshops, community events and Science-Art exhibitions co-organised by like-minded partners.

Past Festival Highlights


Ser!ously Science by A*STAR is proud to bring you A*STAR: Inside the Innovation, a one-of-a-kind community science extravaganza for all in the family!

A*STAR: Inside the Innovation features an array of exciting activities, including A*STAR’s first 360-degree projection film on the stories of historical science icons and current Singaporean scientists that are redefining boundaries in the science that matters to you. Come join us as we bring the innovations in one-north to the city, with staged displays set up at 5 venues island-wide and fun-filled interactive activities for all ages.

A*STAR: Inside the Innovation is organised by A*STAR, in collaboration with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (“NAFA”) and with the support of SAFRA Toa Payoh, Our Tampines Hub, National Library Board and JTC.


A*STAR Research is a quarterly publication produced by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) — Singapore’s government agency for fostering world-class scientific research. A*STAR Research highlights the diverse research work performed by A*STAR research entities and those in collaboration with local and international scientific communities.


FusionWorld is their immersive in-house gallery of technologies and innovations developed by scientists and researchers at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). As visitors venture through the gallery, they will gain first-hand insights into A*STAR’s work and its impact on the local and international research scene. . FusionWorld also serves as an educational platform for students where young minds can catch a glimpse of how A*STAR’s technologies can help improve lives and contribute to tackling global challenges like ageing, diseases, urbanisation and sustainability

Festival Highlights

Ever wondered how advertisements on the façade of SMRT buses are lighted up? With energy consumption as a primary concern, A*STAR researchers developed a large area printing technology that deposits electrically-conductive ink within thin and flexible substrate/material. This ultra-thin and lightweight film uses a fraction of electrical energy that conventional LED lighting requires to give us the same brightness.

This A*STAR capability then led to the development of the world’s first 12m2 light-emitting film that is used on more than 30 buses in Singapore to help bus advertisements stand out effortlessly!

This printed light-emitting film will also be featured in the art installations co-designed by the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) at the upcoming Singapore Night Festival in August 2019.

Did you know that playing video games with your mind could help improve brain functions? Through a wireless Electroencephalography (EEG) headband and various medical game applications developed by A*STAR, user’s brain activity is detected to achieve targeted cognitive training for medical purposes.

These medical game applications include one to help children with Attentive Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), elderly at risk of suffering from dementia, patients undergoing stroke rehabilitation, for stress-management and many more.

Beautiful Science

Visualising the Beauty of Science through Art

As our world becomes increasingly advanced and complex, there is an undeniable need for us to better understand the science and technology that powers our lives and our society.

Images are a powerful medium for communicating and understanding science. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text – so visuals are extremely helpful for improving comprehension and retention of information!

The Beautiful Science competition and exhibition by A*STAR communicates how science influences our lives and spread awareness and understanding of our health, environment, work and daily habits. For the inaugural competition in 2018, the public and scientists were invited to portray the theme ‘Science and Me’ through a variety of microscope images, graphs, diagrams or photographs of science influencing our lives.

With a judging panel made up of professionals from ArtScience Museum, Science Centre Singapore, Singapore Press Holdings and A*STAR, a series of winning photos were selected and exhibited at the National Museum of Singapore and Fusionopolis.

Top 2 Winning Images – Open Category

HDB in enchanted forest? It may seem magical but this is Bishan HDB estate surrounded by its greenery. Taken by a skilful cameraman utilizing composite infrared imaging technique, it captures the invisible wavelengths emitted by chlorophyll in the plant leaves during photosynthesis.

Mr Finbarr Fallon

The use of Vanda Miss Joaquim as the centrepiece of the picture depicts the first of its use in understanding eczema patient’s skin using photoacoustic imaging (PAI) in Singapore.  PAI is an imaging technique where light of various wavelengths is shone onto a region of interest on a human body, inducing structural vibrations beneath the skin that produce ultrasonic waves, and using these waves to construct a three-dimensional visualisation of the skin structure. Different components of the skin produce unique ultrasonic frequencies that allow researchers to distinguish the various components in the skin.

Mr Douglas Goh Wenda, Prof Malini Olivo, Dr Bi Renzhe
“Vein”-Da Miss Joaquim

Beautiful Science by A*STAR has brought the public closer to appreciating the work of scientists and the role of science and technology in every facet of our lives.  The winning photographs and other mesmerising scientific images are housed at the Beautiful Science Gallery located at Innovis, one-north.

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