Moms in Mind

Moms in Mind was born through our children, and celebrates the experiences of mothering & breastfeeding.

We are pro-life, for breastfeeding, child-led weaning, and family-bedding.   We steer clear of any product that promotes detachment from your children.  We have sarong baby carriers that help in nurturing your child and clothing specially made for you to breastfeed in style.

Everything … especially designed with YOU the Mommy, in our Minds.


Moms in Mind is a small mother-run business .This business has evolved from my belief in breastfeeding and in encouraging other mothers to breastfeed and likewise nurture their children.  And of course…from my desire to be able to wear the cutest tops & also dresses while breastfeeding. The business revolves around our family & work partners: product designer, testers, graphics designer, packaging co-ordinator, we have them all!Juggling family and the business can be quite a task. What keeps me going is a belief in sharing what we have found useful in our parenting life.  This cause is a passion of mine and thus a gratifying experience as we inevitably help other parents along the way.


It all started out from home: with a 5 year old, a 2-1/2 year old, and a newborn baby.  Business became an extension of our family life.  Amidst our daily routines, I would dream up designs, liaise with suppliers & manufacturers, pack goods, maintain our website, handle accounts, and even send out deliveries. Our newborn was a constant “business partner” as he was breastfeeding; going with me everywhere as I went for meetings and deliveries. Often, there times when I would even be carrying our older boy sleeping in the sling while carrying the baby and parcels  in my arms during trips to the post office and on buying trips.  We eventually needed more space for storage so took up a small storeroom.  With no helper at home, our then toddler thus came with me to the office, usually fresh out of bed and still in his pyjamas.  He ran around amusing himself while I pieced things together, stopping for a “milk break” once in a while.


We now have help at the office.  Our helpers are mothers too, with demanding family schedules to manage.  They are welcome to bring their children to the child-friendly office that we have created – to share in the work as well. You will often see them slinging their babies and breastfeeding while they work.  Or as it is these days – coaching our children in their schoolwork in-between attending to your orders!  Our children have grown, as is inevitable.  So there you have it… a true mother-run business.


The  ladies you see modelling the clothes on our website are mostly myself and my friends, and often our neighbours, cousins, or nieces!  We are sometime pictured with our children who cannot resist being in the spotlight.


You DON’T need nursing clothes, but they really do make your breastfeeding life easier.  You won’t have to restrict yourself to just wearing separates or a big t-shirt.  It’s much easier nursing with a baby sling while wearing nursing clothes. You also won’t run into the problem of your tummy showing when you nurse while standing up or having your tummy freeze in cold weather. And admit it… our clothes are very trendy!!!  Even celebrities are fans of our line of nursing bras and nursing clothes!


Frankly – our prices WILL be higher than normal clothes.  That’s because most of our clothes are mostly manufactured in such tiny quantities that we need to pay much higher prices. That being said, we always strive to cap our prices at reasonable levels as most of you avid women shoppers can attest to.

Much thought & design has gone into these clothes since they are specially designed for breastfeeding.  This way, you can continue to wear our outfits even AFTER you’re done nursing or even when you are pregnant with another.

Being committed to breastfeeding long-term, the clothes are a great investment in your children!   And with breastfeeding, you would already be saving much money from not using formula and bottles. Surely you can afford to give yourself little rewards so that you can breastfeed in style!


I am Sam.  Me and my husband have 3 lovely children, of primary and secondary-school ages.   Before we had children, I’d worked for some 8 years in the financial industry after graduating from our local university. I resigned soon after my first baby was born and became a real estate agent as that allowed me the flexibility of being with my baby while still working. With 3 children, it made sense for me to re-focus.  And hence this business was born just when we had our youngest baby.  To de-stress, I love to take walks or roller-blade, or simply relax with a book and my favourite radio station.  I also enjoy playing music with the children.


Besides being a Mother, & besides work, I volunteer my time as a breastfeeding counsellor.  Until I stepped down in the year 2000 when my youngest was 1 year old, I was also on the Executive Committee of the Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group (Singapore) as the Publications Editor.  Before & during my term of office, I helped develop an informational website for the Group, integrate an online donation webpage and established their first official domain name. Now that the children are older, I have again ventured into volunteering, but this time with the church-based group Joyful Parenting (JP).  The group “mans” a Hotline 64880286 and has volunteers attached to postnatal wards at KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital.  JP also conducts parenting workshops at various churches and co-ordinates activities for the Catholic Moms Groups in churches around Singapore.


My breastfeeding experiences with each child has been quite different.  Our first baby was a “high-need” baby who nursed constantly. This, plus poor understanding led me to stop breastfeeding her after 1 month. With the birth of our second baby in 1997, we were fortunate to discover lots of breastfeeding information and support through the internet.  Our nursing relationship thus lasted for a good 2.5 years before he self-weaned in my 8th month of pregnancy. Our youngest child nursed for 3.5years before growing-up literally overnight.  We had always planned to let him wean only when he was ready on his own but were totally unprepared for him to *suddenly* self-wean. He has never had any form of milk other than direct breastfeeding, moving on well to drinking liquids from cups. He grew straight into an adult diet and eats very well, relishing all foods – except any other form of “milks”.   I’d be most happy to share my experiences in mothering with you if you just ask.


I am a breastfeeding mum in the UK. I was recently loaned one of your slings by the lactation nurse who runs our breast feeding support group and have found your sling so invaluable i have had to order two (one for the wash and one on) as they want this one back and i am not giving it up until my new one is here. My son had colic and we found the positions eased his pain and my nerves because of his constant crying. 

I am also a lady with a large bust and found a lot of the baby carriers i have tried did not adjust to my shape or allowed my husband comfort when he used them but this one is fabulous.
I have now almost completely abandoned my pram as i live in a very busy city and find it easier to move around with just the sling and i have breast fed my son whilst shopping withoout any one knowing. I would like to know if you have any distributors in the uk because a lot of people have stopped me when i am out shopping to ask where i purchased the sling from. i do give them the web address but would be easier if i could just give them the name of a local supplier.
I am a midwife practitioner and have never seen any carrier as versitile as this one and will be showing it off to all my expectant and new mothers.
Thank you for a wonderfully practical baby gadget


Ellen & Henry


” I LOVE your nursing tops that have chest-level acess!  Simply easy to use!”                                                                                             ~ Shelia Q.


“My Wendi Wrap top arrived with several days to spare for my daughters’ Christening and I love it! The fabric is so lovely and soft, the design is flattering, and I love that the waist comes low enough that we don’t have to worry about mummy-tummy exposure! Thank you so much! It is so wonderful to be able to breastfeed discretely (as bubby allows) and not look frumpy! ”                                

Meridith McNeilly

“I just received my order today.  I am impressed with how fast it arrived here in California, USA.  I wanted to say that I LOVE the purple shirt and the plum dress.  It’s so nice to get a nursing top and dress that do not make you look like you still have a big tummy.  They fit beautifully and were at great prices.  Thanks SSOOO much!                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~ Michelle

Thank you for the 2 tops I bought back in April, they made feeding my baby so much easier & are still going strong (beautiful fabric). ”               ~ Mandy

“We live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, 
You should also know that everywhere I go, I tell people that the MIM is the BEST sling we have ever used, and they need to get one.  ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ~ Yvette

” I received my order just the day after I placed the order.  I’m so impressed and so happy with all my new clothes!  They are simply wonderful!” ~ Anna

” Just want to drop a line to say how much i enjoy using the sarong sling with my 2nd child. I actually bought it for use with my 1st but somehow couldn’t. Nevertheless i tried again with my girl and i love it! She’s snug and comfy and everywhere i go, i attract stares and looks. People have asked me where i got the sling from, how i put my girl in the snuggle hold position…Thanks for the wonderful invention…”                                                                                                                     ~Angeline

“Am so thankful for all the tips you gave us on Sling wearing and Breastfeeding at the Motherhood Exhibition last week.  It was so great meeting you.  The tips are so helpful.  It really is so much more comfortable now to sling my 18-month-old!  I will continue breastfeeding him as long as he wants.  It’s been a wonderful journey. Thank you for your encouragement!                                                                                                                                                                                   ~ Joyce Tan

Thanks so much for the efficiency and speed in processing the order. It’s very much appreciated!”                                                                                ~ Aileen

“The styles that I found at your store at the Motherhood Exhibition are so cool !  I was so excited over all the new designs!  I’ve worn one to a party on Saturday and another to the office today.  My friends and my colleagues all could not believe that they were for breastfeeding!  I can wear them even when not breastfeeding!  They are so fashionable!  Oh, and the new cami bras that I bought at the fair are so convenient.  Hubby was so tickled by the zebra striped one !”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ~ Celia

“Thank you for arranging to have the breastpump I ordered sent urgently today. Am most grateful!”                                                          ~ Cynthia

My husband loves the sling, after getting over his initial reservation about using it!  He’s got a real muscular v-shaped body which didn’t allow him to carry my ds comfortably, but the sling changed that! ds would even fall asleep on him when he slung him!  n that really pleased my husband!”                                       ~ Tina

“I just wanted to say that I LOVE your sling.  I have a blue one with batik bugs on the border.  It is MUCH better than my Maya Wrap.  I love the rings, the way the fabric holds my baby, and teh zipper pocket.  Thanks so much!”

~ Allison K.(USA)


“I just recieved the tankini I ordered and I have to say I LOVE IT!  It far outdoes any other nursing tankini I’ve seen.  It’s cut perfectly to hide my body flaws, the material is superb, the print is really cute and it so functional.  I’ve passed a referral on for the tankini to my mom’s email loop of over 100 ladies, so just in case you start getting orders out of Las Vegas and Henderson, you know why.  Thanks again!                                                                                                                      ~ Amy J (USA)

“We have been using your sling for the past year and must say that the Moms in Mind sling truly indispensable!.  We bought one from a maternity store while still pregnant with Benson. The rings were not strong enough and broke one day in the washing machine!  We are so glad that your rings are not that way.  With your sling, I have been able to follow my husband on all his oversea trips, nursing our Benson all over the world.  We found it most wonderful on a recent trip to China/HK when we had to stand in the queue at the immigration for many hours.  Without the sling and your wonderful nursing tops, we would probably have had to lose our place in the queue just to take care of Benson!

~ Wai Kuen (Malaysia)


“I am so excited by the many new styles that you come up with every month!  It is amazing to see what a variety there is in nursing wear on your website.  It sure makes it worthwhile to be breastfeeding – can always be stylishly togged!

~ Kathy Lee

“I love your nursing clothes. They are so well-made and so practical !  I have tried what at first appeared to be innovative zip-style openings offered by other companies.  However, those were not quite so discreet to use with nursing my 12-month-old.  I felt so uncomfortable wearing those clothes.  I find that front flap nursing styles are still the best. Your new Carin Long Dress and the Gena Pesant Top with the almost undiscernable flaps are just so stylish!  And works so well for nursing discreetly.  Thank you once again!

– June Tay

“Have bought nursing clothes from MIM since we had our older son who is now 4 years old. Now with my younger baby, I find that the new designs you have these days are really very comfy and nice!  I also enjoy looking through your “Lelong” and “Weekly Specials” which are quite good!:                                                                                                                     ~ Linda Chia

” I love the stretch cotton of the tees from Moms In Mind. Found some and tried sizes at Kiddy palace before ordering online from Moms In Mind.  Thank you for all the wonderful new designs! ”                                                                              ~ Cindy Sim

” I’ve bought quite a few nursing tops from Moms in Mind and find them to be of really excellent quality.”      ~ Laura Leong 

“My daughter is 14 mths old and i’m still using it to walk from home to car to babysitter in morning and likewise at nite. It really helps as my daughter is 10 kg and to carry her without sling just for that 5 mins is quite torturous!  The bonus is that it gives me a free hand or even 2 free hands to carry other things.”

~ Priscilla Chan

” I have been using the sling for 8 mths and I simply love it! I often go out alone, so bringing a stroller as well is quite a hassle with public transport.  As baby is quite heavy now, to have to carry everyday, it would be very tiring without the Moms in Mind sling.  With the sling, my hands are free to shop! “

~ Jan Chua

I use the sling everyday…. can’t do without it. My husband & father both use the sling too!”                                        ~Anna Tan

“I just want to tell you how much I love my sling. It has eased my life as a breastfeeding mum. My son is nearly 10 months now and I still feed him in it.  I don’t know how I would have survived without the sling to carry him around! I use it for my 4 1/2 year old daughter too,  when she’s tired and we are on the go. I am asked to demonstrate it regularly, and do so very happily. Well done for making such a great product, and being such a good breastfeeding ambassador!”                                                ~ Karin (Norway)

Your nursing tops are the most fashionable that I have ever seen for nursingwear!  So glad I found your site!”    ~  Gina (Maryland)

“I love the flexibility of the Moms in Mind sling. I am never without it when I go out with my baby. My now 7-month-old goes from sitting to sleeping to nursing, and basically stays ‘attached’ however long we are out – I don’t even need to slow down when she gets hungry! One day I forgot the sling. I had to walk around with strained arm muscles as my baby slept, the only way I could nurse was by tucking myself in an out-of-the-way bench with a blanket on my shoulder, and she wriggled and squirmed and complained the whole time because holding her was apparently more uncomfortable than being in the sling! It got so difficult that we had to cut short our shopping and return home. Anyway, I have learned my lesson, and now I always check that I have my sling before we go anywhere!

~ Dee (Malaysia)

“…, I managed to breastfeed up to my son’s first year mainly with a lot of very useful information I gained from your website, and of course, the wonderful and beautiful breastfeeding clothes & sarong carriers, without which I wouldn’t have lasted. My son and I have enjoyed a beautiful and indescribable bond as a  result of our breastfeeding experience.  I just wanted to say that I applaud your efforts and that I’m sure many mothers out there do so too.  You’ve made a huge difference in the lives of many other mothers like me.

~ Sharon

” I have received the nursing tops and both my husband and I are very impressed with them. They are indeed stylish and discreet. Thanks so much! ”                                                                                                                                                ~ Mei

“Your sling is just great!   I won a similar one at a baby contest (not your brand) but despite it’s claims, the rings were crackly-sounding and despite the thickness of the cloth, it kept slipping through the rings. In contrast, yours has cool and lightweight cloth and the sling is easy-to-use and most importantly, it stays put effortlessly!

~ Swee Noi

 I love the nursing top that I just received.  It’s simply comfortable and looks like any other top that can be bought off the shelf.  The breastfeeding opening is so discreet, unlike other tops that have buttons in front.  Do keep up the good work!”

~ Wan Cheng

” Thanks for designing cool clothes!  I wore the Gena peasant top on Mother’s Day and my hubby said it was nice.  I like it a lot too.  Then I wore  the baseball shirt, he said it made me look radiant!  I love the pleasant pastel colours of the baseball shirt!  The colours on my computer  screen does a great injustice to the actual colours of the baseball shirt.”                             ~ Marg

“Thanks for sharing with us. Just want to say that your website with its countless invaluable parenting information & articles has been one of the reasons I managed to breastfeed my 4th child for this long. She will be turning one soon and I am enjoying the experience. Previously, my record was 8 months & I did not think I could last so long. A big THANK YOU to you!”

~ Woon Li Li, with 4 kids

“My husband enjoys wearing the sling. He was rather shy at first to wear it walking around town, but now he would not leave the house without it.  He finds it a god-send carrying my elder son (2-1/2 yrs) in it when he’s tired/sleepy!

~ Lyana Oyub, mom to a 2-1/2year-old and a 3 month-old


“I got the dress yesterday, it’s beautiful, and the workmanship is excellent!  It is exactly what I was hoping for.  I use it for both work and evenings out.   I also really appreciate your promt and very friendly service.”

– Trish  (USA)

“The sarong baby sling is great!  Been using it around town and I have had people stop to ask where I got it from.”

– Angie, mom to 10-month-old Elliot

“Thanks for your interesting web site, which I was really impressed with. The sarong sling is really flexible. I could breastfeed discreetly during my Bible study class. When I go shopping, many people are amazed that I am carrying my 4 mth old baby Eunice Joy who is sleeping soundly inside it.  Eunice enjoys the kangaroo hold as she can get a better view of the world around her. The nursing blouse is really comfortable and convenient for nursing.”

                                                                    – Zelia, mom to 4-month-old Eunice.

I can’t express the convenience of breastfeeding during our recent trip to Bangkok.  No bottles, no formula… Nobody realised that I was nursing her. Some even asked how come she didn’t need to drink milk.  .  Thanks to the nursing t-shirts, I was able to breastfeed discreetly.  When she was nursing, most thought she was sleeping.

It was also very convenient with the sarong sling. Thanks to the sarong sling, I was able to nurse Charis while shopping!  If we had brought the stroller, I think it would just have been an additional burden and most probably left standing idle in the hotel room.”

                                                             –  Charmian, mom to 7-month-old Charis.

“…we went to Chinatown (in Los Angeles, USA) to get a tour … It was quite a while before we were attended to. By then, Baby Rachel was fidgeting and wanted to be fed. Since I was carrying her on the sling,  I just fed her.  You cannot see me feeding her when I put her in the sling.  Very discreet. Wearing a nursing dress also made it easier to breastfeed her in the sling.

There was this book “Breast feeding Basics – so that’s what they are for”, where the author says you need to practice a lot before you are comfortable breastfeeding in public –  but with the right kind of sling, you can even do it while queueing at the check-out counter!

Oh yes, and I wore that long blue nursing dress and walked into a Chinese resturant ( in Singapore) feeding Rachel and Mother-in-Law did not even noticed it!  She thought I was just cuddling my baby!”

– Dawn (in the USA), mom to 4-month-old Rachel

The nursing t-shirt fits me well & allows me to breastfeed discreetly.  I also like the denim dress very much. It certainly makes me look slimmer and is real comfy too.”

– Kylene, mom to 5-month-old Eleora


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