Medical Insurance Packages in Singapore

Great Eastern SupremeHealth

Offered by one of the leading insurance companies around, the Great Eastern SupremeHealth package comes with a wide range of benefits catered for the demands of everyday life. Among the benefits are:

  • Coverage for expenses for pre and post hospitalization for medical treatment.
  • Annual coverage of up to SGD1.5 million in benefits.
  • Uses the Health Connect service for a faster pre-hospitalization process.
  • Comes with coverage for complications in pregnancy and childbirth and others.
  • Includes COVID-19 treatment and other illnesses.

Prudential PruShield

Provides peace of mind for the policyholder especially in light of the rising cost of medical expenses. The Prudential PruShield is the basic plan that can be complemented with the PruExtra that provides additional coverage and protection. Highlights of Prudential PruShield include:

  • Having a wide range of hospitals and medical centres to choose from according to your preference and convenience
  • Lifetime guarantee for plan renewal when needed
  • 180 and 360 days pre and post hospitalization coverage
  • Annual coverage of up to SGD1.2 million
  • Medical coverage and treatment overseas

AIA HealthShield GoldMax

The AIA HealthShield Goldmax is medical insurance that gives you complete protection. This means you are covered from the diagnosis stages all the way to recovery which is very essential as unexpected medical treatment can be costly. You will enjoy the benefits of MediShield Life with additional benefits where you can choose other private or private medical centers. Besides that, the AIA HealthShield GoldMax also comes with:

  • Up to 13 months of pre and post hospitalization benefit. This is the longest among all the other service providers.
  • Lifetime coverage guaranteed.
  • Up to SGD2 million claim limit per year.
  • Affiliated with Whitecoat Telemedicine

AXA Shield

The AXA Shield is offered to protect those eligible from 0 to 75 years of age. It is one of the comprehensive medical insurance that can cater and meet the demands of medical expenses. This package comes with a broad range of provisions that makes the processing of medical treatment faster and more efficient. It comes with benefits such as:

  • Guaranteed renewability for life with no limits
  • Coverage of up to 180 for pre-hospitalization and 356 days after.
  • Depending on the plan, you can claim up to SGD1 million annual limit private hospitalization charges.
CHAS – Community Health Assist Scheme Card

The CHAS or Community Health Assist Scheme provides subsidies for medical care for Singaporean citizens. This also covers those who are in the Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation groups. Basically, with the CHAS, you will enjoy subsidies when you use the services at GP clinics and dentists.

CHAS is formerly the Health Assist scheme where the cardholder can still use the existing card before changing to the new one which can be used at GPs, Dental Clinics, Community Health Centres and Primary Care Network clinics within the network.

AVIVA MyShield

This is a protection coverage package with benefits and insurance to help cover medical expenses. It comes with:

  • Pre and Post Hospitalization claims of 180 and 365 days respectively.
  • With MyShield Plan 1, the coverage is up to SGD2 million per year.
  • Benefits of up to SGD50,000 for newborns of up to 6 months.

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