Leadership of Alexander (III) The Great (356 – 323 BC)

Alexander the Great, King of Macedon (336 – 323), conquered most of the world known to antiquity between 334 and his death. He was quite simply, an astonishingly ambitious man who accomplished unbelievable feats in a short lifespan of 33 years.

The Man:
Alexander the Great was born on 356 B.C., the son of King Philip the Second of Macedonia. Alexander’s great ambition showed up early when, as a child, he would get discouraged when news came that his father had conquered another territory. In his mind, it would mean that there would be nothing left for him to do. Alexander grew up in a military world and at the tender age of sixteen, was already left in charge of a massive army when his father was away for long periods of time.

When he was only twenty, Alexander became the king of Macedonia after his father was killed. He then set about his plan to conquer the world. While his military accomplishments in conquered regions that stretched from Persia to Asia that made him one of the greatest conquerors in history, it was his great character and values that made him such a famous world figure. Alexander died in Babylon shortly after the marathon return journey at a relatively young age of 33.

Lessons In Career Leadership 
A leader must learn to develop empathy – an appreciation for and an understanding of the values and sensitivities of others. Alexander was a generous man who showed extreme loyalty towards his friends and troops. At the same time, he was smart and very cautious. These characteristics would reap huge rewards in his conquests. Once, in a battle against the Mallians, an arrow pierced Alexander’s lung. His troops thought that their leader was killed and was so enraged, they ran through the city, killing all in a bloody massacre.

The lesson that we can take form Alexander the Great is that adroit diplomacy will win the day, even for the ambitious.

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