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Virtual Office – Future Of Business Presence

Most serviced office business centers provide a virtual office that can be used. Physical space is not needed as virtual offices are operated through the world wide web of the internet.

Typically, most businesses in Singapore that provide virtual office services will allow you to have a corporate business address, phone and fax numbers that are dedicated to your business, telephone answering with personalized answering, handling of mail, and the use of private offices/meeting rooms/secretarial services on an ad-hoc basis.

Virtual businesses allow you to have everything that a physical office provides, other than the physical space, and this will allow you to experiment before investing in an actual office for your business. You can save your budget and use a virtual office for your business without risking really of anything.

The rental of virtual offices is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs who are not in Singapore, but need to prove a presence in the country without hiring any staff
  • Entrepreneurs who need an official address
  • Startups which are small but need a business address at a prestigious location for credibility.

If you need to have face to face meetings in your virtual offices, then it is not a suitable idea for you. However if you find that you are on a budget, and need the official address and presence in Singapore while being outside the country, having a virtual office is a very good idea.

As you can see, the risk for starting a business is cut in half if a virtual office is used instead of a real office.

What is the minimum to rent a virtual office?

Commonly virtual offices allow for a minimum of 6 months but shorter periods can be used if it is required.

Why should you invest in a virtual office?

With a virtual office, you’ll get these things instantly:

Registered business address

Without a registered business address, you won’t be able to have a legal business. You will get one instantly with a virtual office.


A phone and a fax line will be put in place as soon as you get a virtual office. You will need a telecommunication service in order to have a official business.

The rest is up to you. You will need to register with ACRA by visiting their office in Singapore. The last step would just to have a bank account as it is required in order to have a business.

There are many advantages to having a virtual business and it is very easy to get one in Singapore. It is less of a hassle as it is all online. Hiring employees all over the world would be simple as they don’t need to show up at a physical location.

And it is a great way to start a business without a big budget as you don’t need a physical office in order to have a business address and everything else that offices have. Whether you’re a small business, or an entrepreneur looking for a presence in Singapore, a virtual office can solve everything for you.

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