Formula Drift Singapore

Binter through its motor sports arm : Binter Drifter is excited to be able to partner with Formula Drift Holdings LLC to host Formula Drift’s first foray into Asia. Binter and Formula Drift, the first and only sanctioned and recognized North American professional championship drifting series, have formed an exclusive alliance to expand and build the sport of drifting in Singapore.

The Singapore championship on 27 April 2008 signifies our desire to transform the motor sport of drifting into a truly global mainstay. In this high-skilled, high-powered motor sport, drivers intentionally maneuver their cars into well executed, controlled sideways slides at high speeds through a marked course. The Singapore championship will provide an opportunity for our very own local drifters to compete, hone and learn from the very best of American professionals. The intense competition will evolve the local standard of motor sports as we know it.

It has always been our desire to provide Singaporeans with a sport that combines spectacle, technical prowess and open access to its inner workings. Formula Drift is that combination. The passion of motor sports in Singapore is about to swerve into the next level. You will also have the rare opportunity to experience the thrill of high-speed drifting first hand on Saturday, 24 April 2010 at the Singapore F1 Pit Building as we unveil this milestone event.

About Formula Drift Championship

Entering its fifth season, Formula DRIFT Championship is recognized as the North American professional drifting championship series. As the first official series in North America , Formula DRIFT has taken competitive motorsports to the extreme attracting fans and car enthusiasts from all walks of life. This high-skilled, high-powered motor sport where drivers intentionally maneuver their cars into well executed, controlled sideways slides at high speeds through a marked course, has more than 60 professional drivers competing in all seven domestic competitions this year.

Judged on execution and style, rather than who finishes the course in the fastest time, Drifting is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and is often compared to the freestyle nature of skateboarding and motocross.

Drivers and Formula DRIFT also serves as ambassadors for the sport of drifting bringing exhibitions to traditional/mainstream motor sports events across the country which have included: multiple Champ Car World Series races, American Le Mans, USAC, NASCAR Busch North & Featherlite Southwest and the SPEED World Challenge, among others.

More Formula DRIFT Fast Facts

  1. First drifting championship to be air on national cable TV.
  2. First drifting championship to be featured in a major video game with title sponsor EA Games
  3. Most diverse driver background and vehicle models of any drifting league in the world
  4. First drifting championship to have works teams (auto maker supported)

Pro Championship:

Based on drifting’s traditional “head-to-head battle” format. Drivers attempt to qualify, in single judged runs, to be one of the sixteen drivers that will enter the main competition bracket (similar to NBA playoffs or drag racing). During the bracketed “head-to-head battle” competitions, drivers are paired off in head-to-head competition of skill and nerves. The sixteen drivers will be weeded down to one final winner. The field of competition has become so tough that to win a Pro Championship competition is a rare and extraordinary feat; only held by 8 drivers in 24 rounds of competition.

For the Singapore championship, we will be adopting the same format for the local drivers. The top 3 local drifters would then have the opportunity to face-off with our 3 US feature drivers. Get reved up for this ultimate showdown in Singapore as we pitch our home-grown talent against theirs!

World Championship:

Created by Formula Drift, IMG Worldwide and new global consumer brand partner (which will be announced at a later date), the World Championship will be the pinnacle of all global drifting competitions. In conjunction with partner series in Asia, Australia and Europe as well as global scouts, we will be inviting the best of the best to the ultimate drifting showdown. The venue will be the most unique ever and the coverage will be the most ever. Stay tuned for this historical announcement. World champonship expected to take place in November.

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