Fidgets Playground Singapore

Play is a natural instinct. Children learn more about the world and themselves through play. At Fidgets, they encourage inquisitive children to have a blast with state-of-the-art facilities and creative programmes lined up for them! What are you waiting? Let’s play!

Plan your child’s birthday party at Fidgets! We want to make the experience as easy for you as possible, so leave it to our party team to plan and organize the day for you while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the party with your child and party guests!


$450 for 15 kids (additional child at $28)

Get away from the weekend hustle! Throw a weekday party at Fidgets World and enjoy the same level of fun for a lesser price! Package includes unlimited play, food & drinks for kids and exclusive use of party room for 2 hours.

Valid only on weekdays, excluding Public Holidays & Children’s Day


$450 for 10 kids (additional child at $28)

If you prefer to hold a petite party, this will be PERFECT! Package includes Hosting , unlimited play, food & drinks for kids and exclusive use of party room for 2 hours.

Valid on weekdays and weekends ,including Public Holidays & Children’s Day
Party strictly for up to maximum 15 children, any higher count please do book for Fidgets Classic party


$690 for 15 kids (additional child at $35)
choose from our Themes – Safari Animals, Simply Pink, Under the Sea , Candyland or let us know your preferred Theme

The classic favourite packed with lots of fun for the kids! Relax and enjoy the party with your party guests! Our fun-loving party team will take care of the children’s needs and also keep them entertained through exciting and engaging party games!


Standard Party $1090/Theme Party $1190 for 15 kids (additional child at $35)
choose from our Themes – Minecraft,SUPERHEROES(Spiderman,Batman,Captain America,Hulk,Ninjago)
The most thrilling and creative birthday party package for children 5 years old and above. They will assemble their creative sets and challenge each other thru fun games organised by the Instructors.
The package includes Goodie Bags, Birthday gift for Birthday child.

“The party hosts were fantastic!” from Ms Shasila- Party for Nuvitha

Corporate Events

Looking for somewhere unique to hold your next company function or event? Why not hold it with us here at Fidgets! We have done many events from school graduation to company sponsored events and even corporate teambuilding! Fill up the form below to provide details of the event you are holding and we’ll get back to you within 3 days.


$890 for 15 kids (additional child at $45)

Inspire and bring out the creativity in the kids! Pick from our wide range of art & craft activities (e.g. clay sculpting, DIY tote bag, loom band making, diorama craft box) – the kids will revel in the joy & fun of creating their very own masterpieces!
“Excellent crew , very friendly and efficient,awesome job with the kids!” from Mr Satia- Party for Auberie


$1090 for 15 kids (additional child at $50)

Baking fun and playscape thrills – now you can have it all under one roof at Fidgets World! Choose your preferred party theme and leave it to our baking instructors to bake up a storm with the kids! Parents can chit chat & chill out at our café and watch their kids action from outside the baking studio!


$1090 for 12 kids (additional child at $50)

Be a Princess, Super Hero or even your favourite cartoon character! Don a costume, put on some makeup and be whoever you want for a day! Sashay down the runway and experience how it feels like to be a model!


2017 Sept holiday workshop
2017 Sept holiday workshop
2017 Mooncake Class
2017 Mooncake Class
Entrance Anniversary Promo
Entrance Anniversary Promo
$10 Cafe Deals Menu Promo
$10 Cafe Deals Menu Promo
Van Gogh
Van Gogh
Lego Building
Lego Building


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the opening hours of Fidgets World?

A: The operating hours of Fidgets World are from 9am to 6pm daily.

Q2: Where is Fidgets World located at? How do I get there?

A: We are located at 200 Turf Club Rd, #03-10 The Grandstand, Singapore 287994.

Q3: What is the admission fee for my child?

A: Admission is free for adults (aged 11 and above) and infants below 1 year old.

Q4: What are the hourly rate charges?

A: Fidgets World charges by a one-time entry rate for unlimited playtime at the play scape.

Q5: What is the disclaimer form for?

A: For each time you visit Fidgets World, the adults are asked to fill up a disclaimer form to better understand our Fidgets Rules, as well as their responsibilities to look after their children.

Q6: What is the function of the Fidgets Card issued to me?

A: Upon entrance, adults are issued a Fidgets Card. It can be used for making purchase at our Fidgets café, art & craft corner, or signing up for baking classes. Upon check-out, kindly return the Fidgets Card and make payment before you exit.

Q7: What are the wrist tags for?

A: Upon entrance, adults who are not issued a Fidgets Card are given a wrist tag each. This is for our staff to identify adults who are not holding onto the Fidgets Card upon checkout.

Q8: Why am I required to sanitize my hands before entering?

A: At Fidgets, we practice good hygiene and cleanliness for both the children and adults. Before entering the premises, our staff will proceed to sanitize your hands and take the child’s temperature to ensure the well-being of your child before he/she enters the play area.

Q9: Am I allowed to bring my own food in?

A: Apart from baby food for infants, no food or drinks from other F&B establishments are allowed into Fidgets World premises. Fidgets World houses a café within the premises, but strictly no food and drinks are allowed in the playground.

Q10: What are the activities available at Fidgets World?

A: As the largest outlet in the Fidgets family, Fidgets World houses multiple concepts under one roof – ranging from baking, art & craft, makeover, and birthday parties.

Q11: Do you provide lockers?

A: Yes, we do provide lockers that are free for all to use.A fully refundable $10 deposit is required. Kindly approach our staff at the counter for a locker key and return it before leaving.

Q12: Why do I need to wear socks?

A: All adults and children (including infants) are required to wear socks at all times in Fidgets to ensure cleanliness within our premises. We sell non-slip socks at $3/pair at the main counter.

Q13: Can I drop off my child at Fidgets World and pick them up at a later timing?

A: We strongly encourage parents to supervise their children at all times as Fidgets World is not a drop-off centre for children. Fidgets World is not liable for any pain, injury or death that may be sustained under any circumstances by children.

Q14: I’ve lost my Fidgets Card. What do I do now?

A: Do report the issue immediately by proceeding to the main counter and informing our staff.

Q15: What are the benefits of becoming a Fidgets Member?

A: Here are the exclusive member’s privileges:

  • 10% discount off ala carte orders at café (Fidgets World)
  • One free entry to Fidgets World for birthday child during birthday month
  • Exclusive members-only seasonal promotion

Q16: How do I sign up to be a Fidgets Member?

A: Head to the main counter at Fidgets World and sign up with our friendly staff at only $35 which includes one entry to Fidgets World (worth $22), one art & craft session (worth $12) and $10 worth of cafe vouchers.You have to sign up prior to the birthday day in order to claim for the Complimentary Birthday entry.

Q17: What happens if I’ve forgotten to bring my Fidgets’ membership card?

A: Before checking in, inform the staff at the main counter to track your membership details within the system for confirmation. However, we strongly advise you to make a replacement soon for a new Fidgets’ membership card.

Q18: I’ve lost my Fidgets’ membership card. What do I do now?

A: A replacement fee of $5 is required for a new card to be processed at the main counter.

Q19: Is there a restroom or nursing room within Fidgets’ premises?

A: Certainly. You can find the restrooms easily by following the red footstep signs marked on the floors. We also have two nursing rooms – one at the café, one near the restrooms.

Q20: Can I bring my child’s stroller into Fidgets World?

A: To ensure hygiene and cleanliness within Fidgets’ premises, strollers and shoes are to be placed at the racks or corners before entrance.

Q21: What is the holding capacity of Fidgets World?

A: At 16,000 square feet, Fidgets World is the largest outlet under the Fidgets family – we are able to take in a capacity of approximately 400 pax within our outlet and approximately 160 kids at the playground.

Q1: What are the different party packages available at Fidgets World?

A: Fidgets World offers four different party packages for your child – classic, art & craft, baking and makeover party.

Q2: What are the charges for different party packages?

A: Various charges apply for different party packages.

Q3: Are there any time slots for the parties?

A: Subject to respective party packages, Fidgets World offers various fixed time slots depending on availability. Our party room timeslots are 10am to 12pm, 1pm to 3pm, 4pm to 6pm.

Q4: Would it be possible to check out the party rooms before placing a booking?

A: Sure! Just drop by Fidgets World and approach our staff to provide you with a guided tour of our party rooms and facilities. For directions and operating hours, click here.

Q5: How far in advance do I have to place my party booking?

A: All party deposits must be placed at least two weeks before the date of the party. We do not do pre reservation of party dates. A party slot will be reserved for you only upon payment of deposit.

Q6: I am interested in booking a party for my child. Where do I proceed?

A:  We will get back to you within two days! We strongly encourage you to visit our outlet for the party booking so that you get a better understanding of the offerings available and also to view the party rooms and make payment immediately to secure the slot.

Q7: What is the next step after placing my party deposit?

A: Fidgets’ staff will contact you two weeks before the date of the party to confirm your details and food selection.

Q8: Can I bring my own decorations for the party?

A: Hanging decorations are allowed, but do note that blue-tack and scotch tape are not to be used on our walls. If you’re bringing your own piñata, do ensure that there is no glitter dust or party streamers inside.Confetti is strictly NOT ALLOWED>


Q1: What are the operating hours for Fidgets Café?

A: Fidgets Café runs daily from 9am to 6pm. Lunch orders begin at 11am and last orders are to be placed by 5.45pm.


Q2: What is available in the café menu?

A: Fidgets Café serves mainly Western dishes at affordable prices – from adults’ breakfast and kids’ pasta, to hot coffees and sweet desserts.


Q3: Are there any vegetarian dishes available?

A: We do cater certain dishes specifically for vegetarians, such as a few picks from our Sandwiches, Pasta and Salad sections.


Q4: Is there complimentary WiFi within Fidgets’ premises?

A: Yes! Our free WiFi connection is accessible within the whole of Fidgets’ premises. You’ll just need to do a one-time registration to enjoy the WiFI.


Q5: Is the café at Fidgets World Halal-certified?

A: Although Fidgets World is not Halal-certified, we do not serve pork at our café.


Q6: Can I make payment by cash?

A: Café orders are placed using the Fidgets Card issued to you upon entrance. Payment can be made at the exit before checking out.


Q7: Will the food be served to our tables?

A: Upon placing orders, a buzzer will be issued to you. Once it starts to buzz, customers will then collect their food by the side of the café.


Q8: Does the café provide water?

A: A self-service kiosk can be found right beside the café in Fidgets World, where condiments, utensils, serviettes and plain water can be easily obtained.


Q9: Can I make reservations for a table booking in the Fidgets Café?

A: At Fidgets World, we offer Play Dates where customers can place a reservation at the café and invite other guests for a meal, with a minimum spending of $200 at Fidgets Café.


Q10: 1Are there any ongoing promotions?

A: From time to time, Fidgets Café offers various promotions to our customers. For all ongoing promotions, or approach the service counter for any other enquiries.

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