Cloudlending in Singapore

Financial technology (FinTech) has already created waves in every corner of the world with the automation of financial services in every sector. Now that companies can expedite such services in every possible way, processes become faster and more effective and in the short to middle term, promises lower operation costs. Companies like Cloud Lending Solutions are among those that are spearheading this growing market segment.

Finally, something for the lenders

The money lending industry has always been about the borrowers, giving them all types of platforms like online applications. It is timely that a revolutionary platform like cloud lending is now made possible for the moneylenders so that processes can now be faster and more efficient.

Automate, process and conclude applications faster

The idea of Cloudlending is to provide moneylenders the platform where they can close loans faster. This will help them to operate on a more efficient timeframe. Enablers for this tow work is through proper configuration and automation of the processes.

Features of Cloudlending to help lenders

Generally, moneylenders now have a centralized system that can help them expedite the whole borrowing process. This includes offering features such as:

  • User-friendly platform – A fully-automated platform that starts from the beginning of the borrower’s experience. This includes capturing information from the point of interest to the concluding of the deal where the funds are disbursed.
  • Easy and straightforward process – Designed to emulate the conventional borrowing experience, the cloud lending platform provide lenders the connection like how it is carried out traditionally.
  • Loan processing – This is the highlight of the platform. With Cloudlending, loan processing can become faster and more efficient. When the workflows and processes are automated, lenders no longer need to go through the tedious manual phases.
  • Suitability for all firms – Cloudlending is a revolutionary service that is set to change the financial market sector. Built and designed to offer convenience and faster processing time, it is tailored and very suitable for firms of any size including banks, leasing companies, and alternative financial service providers.

Why use cloud lending services?

The most prominent and evident reason moneylenders should use cloud lending services is savings. This will be clearly manifested through time and cost. Without needing to go through a manual process, moneylenders will be able to experience lower time-to-fund processes and in return see an increase in the volume of loans. This is on top of faster implementation time and decreases in operating costs as well.

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