Cafe Del Mar Singapore

Cafe Del Mar in its own unique way, can be quite different from its close association with Ibiza. It does not give you that tubthumping aura that Ibiza does after setting base in Sentosa’s beachside location. Perhaps it is in the more formal set up and the drinks on the menu that makes things slightly different and at some point, not as perfect as it seems. Having said that, the setup and ambiance is quite a scene to be reckoned with. The pool is nicely placed where you get a lot of Instagram-worthy shots of the amazing sunset and those who have come to Ibiza the night away. Music is at its best here where you will love their groovy beats during the day and surely those foam party on Saturdays which will quench the thirst of any party-goer.

IBIZA of Asia

Those who have been to Ibiza would have experienced the best of all-night rage parties and Cafe Del Mar in Singapore is surely packed in that top with it.

Singapore’s 35,000 square foot Cafe Del Mar on Siloso Beach is the largest Cafe Del Mar in the world today and it houses what some of the most amazing Sangria you can find. Coupled with the ocean vistas around, you will be kept in awe all the way.

World Class DJ Performance

The party people here enjoys their drinks to their best efforts while basking in the music played on top of the mobile platform by DJs and live bands that hovered on the pool bar.

There is just something for anyone here for a good time. Get into the 6,000 square foot air-conditioned bungalow if you like a cooling atmosphere or stay out. Just live and party the way you like it.

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