All E-Banking Sites in Singapore


Citibank, being one of the oldest banks in the world started out as the City Bank of New York. In Singapore, it started its operations more than 100 years ago when it was known as the International Banking Corporation. Today, it offers banking facilities for both personal and corporate customers and is accessible online via Citibank Online Singapore where they can manage their savings and current accounts, transfer and manage funds, among others.

United Overseas Bank

UOB or United Overseas Bank started out as the United Chinese Bank when it was opened in 1935. Some 30 years later, it became UOB and since then grew to become the third largest bank in Southeast Asia. On internet banking, UOB offers options for both personal and corporate customers. This is available via its UOB Personal Internet Banking, the Business Internet Banking Plus as well as its UOB COE Open Bidding, among other functions.


OCBC Bank stands for Oversea-Chines Banking Corporation Bank. OCBC is one of the oldest and most established banks in Singapore and the region. This is the institution that came about due to the merger between the Oversea Chinese Bank, the Chinese Commercial Bank and the Ho Hong Bank in 1932. OCBC Online Banking is the service offered for its customers in terms of e-banking. Customers are able to check balances, transfer funds and other banking services. Business customers meanwhile can use the e-banking service via OCBC’s portal at [email protected].

Standard Chartered Bank

The Standard Chartered Bank is one of the most reputable banks in the world. In Singapore, the first branch was opened in 1859, making it one of the oldest foreign establishments in the country. In Singapore itself, there are more than 15 branches nationwide while customers can access their accounts online via Standard Chartered’s ibanking website. This allows them to manage their accounts with the bank and to carry out various other financial services.

Developmental Bank of Singapore

DBS or Developmental Bank of Singapore is among the top banks in Singapore. With assets totally more than SGD300 billion in the past few years, it is in fact, the largest (and in some reports, the most stable) bank in Southeast Asia. Its e-banking site is available through its iBanking service that allows customers to carry out all types of banking services and facilities.
Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) was set up in 1877 and is the oldest running bank in Singapore. POSB was acquired by DBS in 1998 and currently operates as a subsidiary of DBS. POSB offer a wide range of family-oriented financial products and services.


HSBC was formerly known as the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corporation. It is one of the oldest financial institutions in Singapore having set up their first outlet here back in 1877. Today, HSBC offers a full range of banking facilities and services for its individual and business customers including insurance and wealth management. Customers can log in to the e-banking facilities via HSBC’s Personal Internet Banking portal.

Post Office Savings Bank

The POSB Singapore or Post Office Savings Banks Singapore is among the oldest financial institutions in the country. It opened its doors in 1877 and became part of DBS in 1998. Due to its family-oriented branding, POSB has been vital in offering banking services for students and communities. Because of its association with DBS, its e-banking facility is connected to the bank although it has its own portal of POSB Digibank Online.

Maybank Singapore

Maybank Singapore is a Malaysian bank operating in Singapore that offers a full range of banking facilities. Its online banking service is provided via which has all the services that customers will require including bills payment, funds transfer, investment and others.


Like Maybank Singapore, CIMB Bank is another Malaysian bank with a strong presence in Singapore. It offers banking facilities including loans and investments for both its individual and corporate customers. Online, CIMB Bank is accessible via its CIMB Clicks portal which is a similar one with its Malaysian arm.

ICICI Bank Singapore

ICICI Bank Singapore is one of the recently opened banks in Singapore. It is a financial company and is the second largest bank in India with Singapore being its first oversea branch before expanding to other countries globally. In Singapore, it obtained its full banking license in 2010 and is now offering a full range of banking services and facilities including banking accounts, investments and financial management. It offers e-banking services for both its private and corporate customers.

Bank of China

In Singapore, the Bank of China is among the most established and most popular. It is the fifth largest bank in the world and started its operations in Singapore back in 1936. With a full banking license, Bank of China offers all types of banking products for its customers. Its online e-banking portal is accessible via its BOCNET website where it uses an E-token for added security before customers are able to log in.

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