Sending OTPs with Whatsapp Business API


The use of one-time passwords (OTPs) is required to confirm logins and transactions. OTPs are frequently sent by SMS by businesses, although this approach is less secure and prone to scams. 

To combat this, many companies have started to adopt WhatsApp-encrypted OTPs.

Only the intended receiver can view an OTP received using WhatsApp because it is encrypted. This is a good technique to guard against scams, malware, and fraudulent transactions. 

Businesses can issue OTPs using TwoWayAI’s service via WhatsApp Business APIs, which WhatsApp introduced in 2018.

Small and medium-sized organisations can link their systems with WhatsApp, thanks to APIs. When a company’s phone number is authorised for WhatsApp Business APIs, they can connect to their CRM to issue automatic OTPs.


Sending OTPs on WhatsApp using Shared Number

If you want to send OTPs using a Shared Number, you can register with a WhatsApp BSP (Business Solution Provider). You can follow these steps to use this service: First, create an account on our website. Next, refer to the API Docs for information on the Message Template API. Finally, use your code to invoke the API to send the OTP to the recipient’s number.

In our 2 weeks trial account, you can send a limited number of OTP codes. If you need to send more OTPs, you can purchase credits or upgrade to API package.

Sending OTPs on WhatsApp using Dedicated Number

To send OTP messages using a Dedicated Number, you need to apply for WhatsApp API and get approval for your own number. Once your number is approved, you can send OTP messages from your dedicated number. This number supports two-way communication. TwoWayAI can assist businesses with the approval process for WhatsApp Business APIs. The setup time is approximately 30 minutes if your Facebook Business Manager is verified, but it can take 1-3 weeks depending on the progress of business verification by Facebook’s official team.

To apply for WhatsApp Business APIs, you need a WhatsApp phone number that does not have a WhatsApp account, a business display name that is related to your business, and a verified Facebook Business Manager ID with uploaded business documents. If you do not have a Facebook Business, you can create one and verify it following the instructions provided.

Once your account is approved, you can submit a template flow for approval on the Broadcast page on Dashboard in the format of “Your one-time verification code is {{otp}}”. After the template is approved, you can use the API to trigger the one-time verification code. With this process, you can send OTPs to your customers directly on WhatsApp with your dedicated number. If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us through Whatsapp or Livechat.