Mobile Coupon Campaigns

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Boost your sales and engagement with targeted promotions! Create eye-catching coupons to incentivize purchases, reward customers, and promote special offers directly through TwowayAi.


Navigate to Coupons

  • In the TwowayAi dashboard, head to the CRM section on the left-hand menu. Then, locate and click on Coupon Campaigns.

Create a New Campaign

  • Click the Create button located in the top right corner of the page to begin a new coupon campaign.

Design Your Coupon

  • Visuals: Upload a captivating image for your coupon profile. You can also customize the background color to match your brand identity.
  • Title: Craft a clear and concise title that effectively conveys the value proposition of your coupon.

Hero Image

  • Enhance your coupon with a compelling image that showcases your product, service, or promotion in the Hero Image section.

Description Settings

  • If desired, add a brief description to further explain the details of your coupon offer. This text will appear beneath the title.

Set Up Your Coupon Code

  • Generate Codes: Decide how you’d like to manage coupon codes. You can either create unique codes by hand or download a template from TwowayAi to generate a batch.
  • Upload Codes: If you opted for the template, customize the codes and upload the file containing your unique coupon codes.

Coupon Details (Optional)

  • Code Display: Choose whether to display a barcode, QR code.
  • Serial Numbers: Decide if you want to include serial numbers for additional tracking.
  • Expiry Date: Set a clear expiration date for your coupon campaign.

Terms & Conditions Settings

  • Clearly outline the terms and conditions governing your coupon offer.Coupon3.jpeg

Preview & Save

  • Once everything is configured, preview your designed coupon on the right side to ensure it looks as intended. When satisfied, click Save to activate your coupon campaign.

Distribution & Analysis

  • Sharing: After saving, copy the unique link generated for your coupon and share it with your customers through your preferred channels.
  • Analytics: Utilize the built-in analytics feature to track the performance of your coupon campaign and measure its effectiveness.

Use Case

Promote Specific Products/Services:

  • Highlight specific items or services through targeted coupon campaigns.

Reward Customers

  • Show appreciation for customer loyalty by offering exclusive discounts.
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