DIRSMS – Guaranteeing the delivery of your messages

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At DIRSMS, your digital marketing campaign is set to elevate to new levels that are more effective, impactful and convenient. Our promise and commitment to you are guaranteed messaging. This means that your efforts will surely succeed when we deliver your messages which are time-sensitive and critical.

Connecting directly to Telcos

At DIRSMS, our networks are directly connected with the main telecommunication networks in the country. This will ensure that your messages are delivered, on time, on the spot and on-demand, period!. This would be ideal for campaigns that require top and fast quality of service.

How does it work for you?

The process is simple and very straightforward. After crafting your message to be sent and submitting them, our platform will search the mobile number for each number you intend to send. This will then be routed to the network-related. Even in situations when the connection fails or is lost due to overcrowding, your messages will still be sent. With this redundant setup feature, your messages will always be delivered, regardless of the time or day. Among the activities that will benefit from our Guaranteed Messaging function are:

  • Advertising and Marketing campaigns
  • Reminders – Payment/ Appointments/ etc
  • Tracking – Orders/ Delivery/ Refunds/ Returns/ Warranty
  • Customer Relationship Management – Feedback/ Complaints
  • Notifications

Benefits of Using DIRSMS’s Guaranteed Messaging

With our Guaranteed Messaging, we ensure that your messages will be sent in real-time for sure. Besides that, you will also enjoy:

Affordable and competitive prices

To enjoy this service, you only need to buy pre-paid credits which will then be deducted as and when you use them. The credits have no expiry date and the more you buy, the more you will most likely to save. Using this pre-paid structure, will help you to manage your cost better in the future. Whether you are a frequent or sporadic user, the pre-paid system would be ideal as you can transfer to another account if there are any unused.

Note: We have server to server transfer script

Test before you use

You are welcome to try the system out before deciding if you want to use it more frequently. Our Guaranteed Messaging platform is available for testing where you can start with a 7-days free trial (with limited features). After that, you can decide if you want to buy credits and use them for your campaign.

Plans for every size

Whether you are launching a nationwide integrated marketing campaign or a small-location activity, there is a plan for you. As long as you are aware of the benefits of using the Guaranteed Messaging service, you can start with a monthly plan which starts from as low as US$50 per month. This will give you more leverage and is a lot more cost-effective for your marketing budget.

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